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The island of Kea – otherwise known as “Tzia” – has a lot going for it. Just an hour’s ferry ride, with several ferries a day, makes it a very convenient getaway for anyone vacationing in the capital. However, unlike other close and very popular island destinations such as the islands of the Saronic gulf, Kea is serviced by the port of Lavrio, from the Athenian Riviera. This gives it a pleasing “Off the beaten-track” quality that appeals to the discerning traveler. In fact, the island is part of the Cycladic archipelago.

This lovely island has a great deal to offer. Let’s have a look:

Kea, like so much of Greece, is steeped in history and mythology. The hilly little island has been inhabited since the Neolithic era, but it was not always called Kea- it was originally “Hydroussa” on account of the springs and fountains that were home to Nymphs. In history, Kea fought alongside Athens against the Persians, and was also the first of the Cycladic islands to join in the fight for Greek Independence in 1821.

Enjoying Kea

Now, Kea has much to offer the traveler. The main settlement of Ioulida is high on a hill – like many main towns on islands, it was built far from the sea to defend against pirates. It is built like an amphitheater, commanding splendid views. The port village Korissia and the charming fishing village Vourkari are both quite petite and atmospheric.

The landscape of Kea is ideal for hiking, hilly for diversion and stunning views, but not too challenging. There are many hiking trails around the island – a well-maintained network of 12 trails traverses the island, leading to hidden coves, picturesque ruins, and old churches.

Diving in Kea

There are few places in Greece that offer the diver more fascinating sights than Kea; this marvelous island has several underwater historic sites. There are three famous shipwrecks here: the Patris, a paddle steamer which sank in 1868, and the Britannic (1916) and Burdigala, which sank in WWI and Patris. All of these are now fully accessible and protected, with no fishing allowed also so as to preserve marine life.

There are diving experiences for every level of skill, including beginners, on Kea. And for those who prefer the surface, there is also excellent snorkeling.

Traditional Cuisine on Kea

Like other islands of the Cyclades, Kea has an excellent preserved pork with herbs, called Loza. The local cheeses are the soft but zingy “kopanisti”. They also make “ksino”, “xirotiri” (“dry” cheese) and “ladotyri” (cheese preserved in extra-virgin olive oil- delicious).

Bees adore Kea’s lovely landscape, which is covered in wild thyme. Thyme makes excellent thick honey, with a unique fragrance. Beekeeping is an island pastime and profession.

The One & Only Resort, Kea

Even the most demanding traveler will be impressed with the One & Only. This magnificent resort checks all the boxes: This is an all-villa resort with exclusively private villas. Each of these has its own infinity pool, which – naturally – has an uninterrupted view of the Aegean. Another clifftop pool completes the luxurious swimming-with-view options, while the resort fronts one of the island’s finest secluded beaches on Vroskopos Bay. Rooms are done in an elegant modern-Mediterranean decor – symphony of marble, wood, and a delicate neutral palate. Each room, in addition to its own private pool, has an ample deck for true Mediterranean outdoor living.

Meanwhile, three restaurants on site include the relaxed Atria, the social Bond Beach Club, and the elegant Èpicora, all of which feature elevated Greek tastes with a strong emphasis on local artisanal products and the finest and freshest offerings of sea and land. For more chic socializing, there is the Kosmas lounge, a pool bar Kaiki, and the stylish speakeasy Incognito.

Guests of the One & Only will have the full authentic Kea experience. Tailored diving expeditions and snorkeling, private sailing cruises to explore the island’s hidden coves and beaches, and watersports options are joined by cultural activities, such as explorations of beekeeping and a historic walk through the winding lanes of charming Ioulida.

We will be delighted to arrange an unforgettable experience of one of Greece’s most beautiful and secluded islands at the One & Only Kea.