Tour Kastoria: The Ghost Town of Korestia

    Greece’s long and turbulent history has led to pockets of abandoned villages which are fascinating to explore. One such village is the ghost town of Korestia, known for its impressive architecture and character.


    Dear Traveler, At Fly Me to The Moon, we believe gastronomy is an important part of the authentic travel experience.  Perhaps the way to discover a destination’s soul is through savoring its gastronomic delights. Greece is not only famous for its magical islands, renowned hospitality and welcoming people, but it is also a land that

    Greece’s Wild Edible Greens: Horta and More

    Collecting, cooking and enjoying wild edible greens in Greece dates back to ancient times. Here’s a look at what you can forage for in Greece…

    Top Mystical Ancient Greek Sites

    The numerous mystical ancient Greek sites located across the country are open to be explored, but can you truly unravel all of their secrets?

    Folk Music of Epirus: Timeless Music of Greece

    Backed by a fascinating history of eloquent musical innovation, the folk music of Epirus is the end result of diverse influences that create a unique timeless sound. It’s a story that intertwines musical passion, cultural and religious beliefs and deep rooted tradition from this northern pocket of Greece that sits on the Greek and Albanian

    Hidden Destination: Spotlight on the Mythical Region of Arcadia

    In Greek and Roman mythology, the mythical region of Arcadia was described over and over as an earthly paradise. Today, you can see what influenced such stories by exploring this breathtaking mountainous region situated in the Peloponnese.

    Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center: Mass Graves Uncovered

    The new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center opens up a new era of the arts in Athens. It is also where the discovery of an ancient mass grave unravels another piece of fascinating history from ancient times.

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    Attention Beer Connoisseurs: Beers from Greece

    Greece may be known for its wine and spirits, but did you know there are excellent microbreweries producing excellent Greek beers?  These Greek beers are worth a taste when you visit Greece.

    The Evil Eye in Greece

    When visiting Greece and browsing the wall hangings in shops or noticing necklaces and bracelets, you may take notice of a big blue eye design staring back at you. It’s called the evil eye and its used in décor, as jewelry and in art. Here’s why it’s everywhere…