Unspoiled Mani, rich in beauty and ancient history, tales its first steps into the luxury arena. Discover this gem, before the word gets out. Let's Talk

    FORBES LIFE Turkey

    I haven’t thought, I could experience something different than the sirtaki nights, the Greek kitchen and the ancient structure of the city when Elena Papanicolau invited me to Athens with the Fly Me To The Moon (FMTM) agency Let's Talk

    ELLE Turkey Fashion News Editor Serli Gazer writes about Athens Style Weekend created by FLY ME TO THE MOON

    Elena Papanicolaou tarafından kurulan Fly Me To The Moon, Yunanistan’a yapılan gezilerde, tıpkı özel dikim bir elbise gibi, kişiye özel tur programı hazırlayan niş bir acente. FMTM tarafından hayata geçirilen programda mesela Atina’nın en tasarım oteli New Hotel’de kalabilir, ülkenin tüm güzelliklerini, gelenek, kültür ve stilini doğrudan yaşayabilirsiniz. Rafine bir seyahat deneyimi için’dan inceleyebilirsiniz.

    AKŞAM Daily Newspaper/Cumartesi/Moda/Rüya Büyüktetik

    Bespoke Travel Planning   There are lots of activities you can do in Greece and you have experts to design your travel by fulfilling your interests. After that, all you need to do is enjoy your travel. Elena Papanicolaou is an exper in creating bespoke travels for her customers in her “Fly Me To The

    FASHION ONBOARD Rüya Büyüktetik

    This year started with a bunch of beautiful and back to back travels – and I could not be any more happier. If I could, then I would spend all my life travelling and exploring new cultures. My last destination was Athens, Greece and it was my first time there. I spent three gorgeous days