Dear Traveler,   Καλό μήνα! As we enter the month of March, and spring is just around the corner — we’ve sprung into action preparing new exciting itineraries.   In our “Wonders of Spring” issue we’ve complied a wonderful blend of  cultural, natural and historical aspects. The majority of the Greek holidays are centered around the sea,


    Dear Traveler, January’s gone but we still have some winter-time to enjoy. On the subject of winter, did you know that Greece is a ski destination too? Around Greece there are excellent ski slopes, but also plenty of additional activities and sites to make for an exciting winter holiday. We introduce you to one of

    Sunken Stories: Greece’s remarkable underwater antiquities

    Greece is perhaps best known for two things: unparalleled archaeological treasures, and the beauty of its seas. How wonderful then that these two things are sometimes combined. The archaeological sites of Greece that are on dry land are mysterious enough, but what about those that are submerged, on the seafloor? Greece has so many precious

    Fast forward – Greek Orthodox Easter in Athens

    In Greece, you really sense the mystery and the miracle of Easter. Unlike in most western Easter celebrations, Easter is not limited to a day or two, but encompasses a whole season.  Beginning after Carnival, Lent ushers in a period of restraint. Then, when Holy Week begins in preparation for Easter Sunday, the somber mood,

    Lake Pamvotis: A rich natural habitat and a place of history

    Lake Pamvotis - sometimes also called lake Pamvotida - makes for a fascinating destination. Covering a little over 20 square kilometers, this lovely lake is the second oldest in Europe. It is the heart of an intriguing region. Lake Pamvotis in Ioannina hosts culture on its shores, as its depths team with life. The waters

    Fast forward – time to plan summer vacations – exploring the region of Chalkidiki

    Chalkidiki is Northern Greece’s premier beach destination, on a par with the finest beaches throughout the country. With a fascinating geography- a lush peninsula that in turn has three long “legs” Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mt. Athos, each with its own character - Chalkidiki offers an island-like experience. There are beaches for every taste, and lots

    The Corinthian raisin: the undiscovered Greek superfood

    The Corinthian raisin does not have a splashy reputation. Affordably priced and easily available, Corinthian raisins are not usually thought an exciting ingredient. And that is the key to its charm. This relatively humble food is in fact subtle, complex, and extremely delicious. It is also a nutritional powerhouse - an undiscovered Greek superfood.  The

    Ski and apres-ski – Kalavryta

    With countless magnificent beaches and an archaeological wealth that is second to none, it’s understandable that Greece does not automatically come to mind when you are considering a ski holiday destination. And yet, Greece is actually a prime ski destination, too: this magnificent destination unites excellent slopes and facilities of international standards with charms that


    Dear Traveler, Goodbyes are always bittersweet. As we say adieu to the last decade, we cannot but be grateful for all the wonderful lessons and accomplishments we have achieved as individuals, and as a team. Before we say goodbye to 2019, we bring you a few more inspirational travel posts — as we pride ourselves

    Fast forward – time to plan summer vacations -Yachting in the Ionian Sea

    The Ionian Islands are a very special part of Greece, with their own distinctive character. Full of hidden, jewel-green coves and secret beaches, and tiny uninhabited islands, the Ionian Islands and coast make the ideal destination for a yachting holiday. This is the perfect place to discover your own private Greece. What Makes the Ionian