Selas IKE

Selas IKE (FLY ME TO THE MOON) is a limited liability company properly registered under the laws of Greece, offering personalized travel services to its customers. It is also officially registered as a travel agency with the competent authority (Greek National Tourism Organization) and complies will all applicable standards.

The terms and conditions herein apply to all relations between Selas IKE, its clients and visitors of its website.

  1. Booking Procedure
    • All interested clients shall communicate their personal preferences to Selas IKE through a specifically designed questionnaire or other written forms provided by Selas IKE. The information provided by the client shall include travel dates and/or destinations, and/or number of travelers, and/or any specific requests of the client.
    • Selas IKE shall put together a package that best corresponds to the information provided. This package may be amended as deemed appropriate following subsequent communications with the client.
    • The final package shall be submitted to the client in the form of an Offer/Itinerary, including all passenger names, accommodation details, internal transfer details, sightseeing visits, monument visits, down-payment details, total cost, time of payments etc.
    • The amounts and deadlines for payment may vary depending on each schedule, and shall be mentioned in the Offer/Itinerary on a case by case basis.
    • The Offer/Itinerary shall remain in force for the number of days specified in the Offer/Itinerary, pending client’s approval. When approved, the Offer/Itinerary is duly signed by the client and sent back to Selas IKE by email, mobile device or fax.
    • Any Offer/Itinerary that has been signed by the client, regardless of subsequent potential cancellation, incurs a non-refundable flat fee in favor of Selas IKE. The exact amount, depending on the nature of the Offer/Itinerary, will be mentioned in the Offer/Itinerary.
    • Execution of the Offer/Itinerary on behalf of Selas IKE shall be subject to the strict observation of all financial terms of the offer by the client (i.e. amounts and times of down-payment and full payment).
    • In the event of non-observation of these terms, the Offer/Itinerary shall be cancelled automatically, without further notice from Selas IKE.
    • Following the signature of the Offer/Itinerary by the client and subject to payment where applicable, Selas IKE shall provide all necessary documentation (vouchers etc) and other information the client may need or request.
  1. Selas IKE liability.
  • Selas IKE undertakes to provide all services included in the Offer/Itinerary. Selas IKE shall endeavor to satisfy any additional requests that may arise prior or during the client’s stay, however Selas IKE shall not be liable if such requests do not materialize. Naturally such request may incur extra cost which shall be agreed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Selas IKE shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the client in the event of change in scheduled international or internal flights which were not part of the original Offer/Itinerary.
  • It is possible that scheduled transfers by air, sea, road, train, may be the subject of time and/or price alteration by the operating companies. In such case, Selas IKE shall inform the client accordingly but shall not bear any loss or damage suffered by the client as a result of such changes, falling outside its control.
  • Selas IKE shall suggest only trustworthy and tested facilities and services and shall provide the client with the details of a contact person within Selas IKE’ s staff, specifically in charge of the client. It is suggested that in the event of any particular wish, complaint or comment regarding hotels or other service providers suggested by Selas IKE, the client communicates them through Selas IKE and not directly. Selas IKE shall immediately take all relevant action, but shall not be liable in the event of failure to comply on behalf of the service provider.
  • Selas IKE shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the client in any event of force majeure (war, riot, natural disaster, fire etc) or other unforeseeable incident.
  • Although Selas IKE shall provide, upon the client’s request, all travel information regarding visas, customs and other local authority requirements, it shall not be liable in the event the client’s stay or travel is disturbed or otherwise altered because of such requirements.
  • Selas IKE shall not be liable for any issue arising with regard to client-specific information that was not provided prior to the Offer/Itinerary (e.g. health related requirements, restricted mobility issues etc.).
  • . Cancellation policy.

Cancellation charges may largely depend on the policies of chosen hotels and other service providers mentioned in the Offer/Itinerary and may therefore vary depending on each personalized package. Unless otherwise specified in the Offer/Itinerary, the following charges will apply:

Days prior to Start Date Cancellation charge as % of the full price of the Offer/Itinerary
>60 and <90 15% of the Full Price
>45 and =<60 25% of the Full Price
>30 and =<45 50% of the Full Price
=<30 100% of the Full Price


Administration fee as mentioned in the Offer/Itinerary is non-refundable.

  1. Miscellaneous

4.1            For the sake of clarity and in the interests of both parties, all communications shall be conducted by email unless when circumstances do not allow communication in writing. All communications shall be conducted in English unless otherwise agreed.

4.2            Any agreement and/or transaction between Selas IKE and the client will be governed by Greek law and any dispute will be resolved by the Courts of Athens, Greece.

4.3            Selas IKE reserves the right to act as a representative/contractor on behalf of other companies based in Greece or elsewhere, to exercise the whole provided service to the final client, including all the communication, reservations, implementation, representation, remuneration collection, invoicing i.e. the total handling of the co-operation with the client, from the beginning until the conclusion and final completion. In such a case, Selas IKE is not obliged to notify the final client.

4.4            Selas IKE will maintain a database including the names and contact details of its clients, which may be used for communications and/or marketing purposes. Selas IKE undertakes not to disclose such information to any third party except when necessary for the execution of the Offer/Itinerary. Each client maintains the right to express any objection and/or request the deletion of his/her personal data from Selas IKE’s database.

4.5                    All contents of Selas IKE’s website and documentation are either copyright or Trade mark protected and constitute Selas IKE’s intellectual property. The use of materials from the website and/or other Selas IKE documentation is subject to Selas IKE’s prior approval.

Last amended on 18 February, 2019


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