Skiing in Greece: Must-Visit Greek Winter Ski Resorts

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While many travelers gravitate towards the Greek islands in the summer to enjoy the sun and sea, only a few have yet discovered the country’s dramatic snowy mountains and its traditional surrounding villages.

Mount Olympus. Photo credit: Manos Daoukas

10 Must-Visit Greek Winter Ski Resorts

Greece’s beaches are great for postcard muses, but wait until you experience skiing in Greece. We have prepared a list of 10 must-visit Greek winter ski resorts perfect for a whimsical winter escape.

1. Anilio Ski Center, Metsovo

The Anilio Ski Center could well be described as the new kid on the block being one of the newest ski resorts in the country. Located 50 kilometers from Ioannina and 215 kilometers from Thessaloniki, the ski resort is ideal for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

Anilio Ski Center

During the Ottoman Empire, Metsovo was a merchant area well reputed for its abundant commercial activity. Nowadays the town is famous for its local cheeses metsovone and metsovela and is home to winemaking industries such as the renowned Katogi vineyard of the Averoff family.

Photo credit: Jorge Cancela

2. Elatohori Ski Center

Fancy skiing in the neighborhood of the 12 Olympian gods? The Elatohori Ski Center, set on northeast side of the Pieria Mountains, offers a truly remarkable experience with mesmerizing views of Mount Olympus and Aliakmonas which is a village built on the left bank of the River Aliakmon.

Photo credit: Dimitrios Lamprou

The resort features eight slopes with various levels of difficulty. Located near to the picturesque village of Elatochori which is within easy reach of Thessaloniki.

3. Kalavrita Ski Center

Over the years, the Kalavrita Ski Center has received the recognition of being one of the top ski resorts in Greece. Set on the northwest side of Mt. Helmos, the third highest mountain of the Peloponnese, it enjoys an altitude of 1,700 meters (base) to 2,340 meters (summit).

Photo credit: Helen Hlaing

One of the memorable highlights of Kalavrita is a small train known as the Odontotos that runs through the most epic gauge tracks crossing tunnels, scenic waterfalls, cliffs and pine tree forests.

4. Karpenissi Ski Center – Velouchi Ski Center

Located in central Greece in the southern part of the Pindus Mountains, the Karpenissi-Velouchi Ski Center dominates Mount Tymfristos.

Photo credit: Spyros Tsiouris

The center, which is also known as the “Switzerland of Greece” was established in 1974 and has grown to 11 slopes with various levels of difficulty. Although located far out from the sea, it is a much favored winter destination.

5. Mount Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort

Skiing in Greece on Mt. Voras at Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort is recommended for those looking to experience higher altitudes. Kaimaktsalan earned the nickname “Mykonos of the Winter.”

Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort
Photo credit: Mike Dirhalidis

Situated 35 kilometers from Edessa, on the border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, it stands at altitudes between 2020 to 2450 meters. It is the highest winter sports center in Greece featuring 13 slopes with three main lifts and three baby lifts. The area is also famous for the thermal springs of Loutraki set on the foot of Mount Voras.

6. Mount Mainalo Ski Center

This winter getaway is the closest one to Athens, in the region of Ostrakina, right in the heart of the Peloponnese.

Mount Mainalo
Simiades, a small village in the foothills of Mainalo mountain. Photo credit: Kostas Chrstdls

Mount Mainalo was named after the mythical Maenalus, son of Lycaon, the legendary king of Arcadia who Zeus had turned into wolf. The ski center featuring four tow lifts and eight runs is ideal for beginners and for families with kids.

7. Mount Parnassos Ski Resort

The most popular ski resort among Athenians is 180 kilometers away from Athens. Being the largest winter sports and ski center in Greece, it features 18 ski runs which cover all expertise levels. Those seeking for an adrenaline rush may enjoy one of the 12 off-piste black routes.

Mount Parnassos
Photo credit: Vasilis Tsikkinis

Mount Parnassos was sacred to the god Dionysus, it was also home to the Muses and associated with the god Apollo. History lovers may also head to the archaeological site of Delphi, the origin of the Oracle of Delphi.

8. Mount Vasilitsa Ski Center

The Vasilitsa Ski Center in Greneva stretches over two mountains in the heart of Pindus Mountain range. Located 250 kilometers from Thessaloniki, the ski resort has made it to the top of the list of one of the best places in southeastern Europe for snowboarding.

Vasilitsa Ski Center
Photo credit: Charisis G

Featuring 18 skiing runs with diverse types of terrain, the altitudes range between 1646 and 2115 meters above sea level. The region is popular during off winter season as well, offering activities such as Nordic (ski) walking, trekking, river fishing, mushroom collecting and more.

9. Pelion Ski Center

At Pelion Ski Center, views stretch from mountains to the sea. Located 27 kilometers from the city of Volos at the foot of Mount Pelion in Agriolefkes, and two kilometers from the mountainous village of Hania, the Pelion Ski Center is one of the first to operate in Greece.

Pelion Ski
Photo credit: Kevin DUQUETTE

The area also offers an array of activities such as horseback riding, hiking, adventure trekking, cycling and more.

10. 3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort

The ski center 3-5 Pigadia, located on the west side of Mount Vermion, is built at altitudes between 1430 to 2005 meters. The center features ten slopes that can satisfy advanced and cross-country skiers alike.

3-5 Pigadia
Photo credit: Makedonia Holidays

Sport enthusiast may also enjoy a range of other activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, mountain biking and hiking. Wine lovers will be pleased to know that Naoussa, a famous wine producing region of Greece is located at a close proximity of 17 kilometers. So how about combining a ski getaway paired with fine Greek wine tasting?

Did you know that Greece is famous for its snow too? Next time you wish to enjoy a combined sun and snow holiday — skiing in Greece can be on your bucket list.