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Villa Ultima Corfu – An Emerald in the Ionian Sea

Corfu is without doubt one of the most glamorous destinations of Greece. Like an emerald in the Ionian sea, this lush green island has a uniquely aristocratic history. Three centuries of Venetian rule have given the island some grand fortifications, lending an air of romance. Periods of French and then British rule followed, further enriching


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Dear Traveler, As the sweet smell of summer fills the air, we are excited to welcome our guests and take them on a whimsical adventure to the hidden corners of Greece.   One of the delightful pleasures of a Greek holiday is that your trip can be both enriching in knowledge and equally beneficial for

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2021: The Highlights

The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is the highlight of the Greek summer. This celebration of the Arts, which began in 1955, features performances of theatre, music, and dance.  The Athens and Epidaurus Festival - an Illustrious History From its earliest years, this festival has had worldwide prestige. Illustrious artists have come to its stages over

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Lesser-known Ancient Sites in Well-known Greek Destinations

One of the pleasures of a Greek holiday is that there is always an opportunity to enrich your knowledge of archaeology and deepen your relationship with history in a meaningful way. So often, this connection happens in a place it is less expected. Many are familiar with the high-profile archaeological treasures of Greece, such as


Dear Traveler,   Καλό Πάσχα (Kalo Pascha)! Today marks the most important holiday in Greece — Easter Sunday is one of the oldest and most beloved traditions. This year’s celebrations are somewhat different, but nevertheless, it is a wonderful day filled with unique customs.   As summer is gradually approaching, we come out of the

The Future of Vegan Fashion: Ioanna Topouzoglou on her sustainable accessories brand Mashu 

Ioanna Topouzoglou is a young, talented fashion designer who is committed to aligning her passion with purpose by creating contemporary artisan pieces that aspire to make a positive change in the future of sustainable fashion.  As a Greek designer based in London, Ioanna stays true to her roots by drawing inspiration from the Cycladic architecture

Arcturos- A Sanctuary for Flora and Fauna

As we shake off the chill of winter and move into the glorious Greek spring, it feels truly like a time of renewal, complete with blossoms on every branch. The season of hibernation is over at last, and no one knows that better than the bears. When you think of Greece, you may not think


Dear Traveler, As we welcome the month of April with open arms, we are reminded that hope is a beautiful feeling and that resilience always paves the way to a new season. Nature has a way of reminding us of life’s lessons, and that there is no happiness without sadness, and that in fact, the