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FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 97

Dear Traveler, June is a month of blossoming possibilities and radiant sunshine, a time when the world feels alive with color and warmth. As we step into the heart of summer, we invite you to join us on a cultural journey to the cradle of civilization—Greece. In this month’s newsletter “Summer Loading”, we are thrilled to

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 96

Dear Traveler, As May blossoms into full bloom, we are greeted with a sense of renewal and rejuvenation—a time when nature awakens, and the world seems to come alive with vibrant energy. At Fly Me To The Moon Travel, we embrace the spirit of this special month not only for its natural beauty but also for

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 95

Dear Traveler, As March gently bows out, we welcome the vibrant energy of April—a month brimming with the promise of new beginnings and festive celebrations. In Greece, this transitional period is marked by a medley of colorful traditions and joyous festivities. March bids farewell with the lively rhythms of the carnival season which you can

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 94

Dear Traveler, As March delicately unfurls its petals, we welcome the dawning of spring—a season of renewal, beckoning us to embrace the blooming possibilities that lie ahead. In this month’s “Cultural Treasures of the Peloponnese” issue, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the captivating allure of the Arcadia region nestled within the Peloponnese. Picture a

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 93

Dear Traveler, As February unfolds its wintry charm, we find ourselves on the cusp of a month that beckons us to embrace the elegance of winter in Greece. This month’s newsletter “Slopes and Sea in Sunny Greece” invites you to step into a world where pristine slopes, charming mountain villages, hearty cuisine and boutique accommodations converge to

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 92

Dear Traveler,   As the dawn of January graces us with its tranquil glow, we extend our warmest New Year’s wishes to each of you. May this month be a canvas of new beginnings, aspirations, and cultural explorations. In the spirit of fresh starts, our “Inspiration journey” newsletter  embarks on a fascinating exploration of Greek Christmas and

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 91

Dear Traveler, As December unfolds its wintry embrace, we find ourselves at the threshold of a month that beckons us to explore the timeless values and linguistic marvels rooted in the cradle of civilization—ancient Greece. In this month’s newsletter – “Reproducing ancient Greek values” we embark on a cultural odyssey, unraveling the threads of ancient Greek philosophy,

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 90

Dear Traveler, As we step into the enchanting month of November, we’re embarking on a journey that delves deep into the geological treasures of Greece. While this month traditionally signals the approach of winter, it’s also an ideal time to spotlight the wealth of Greek marble and mineral quarries, which have shaped not only the

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 89

Dear Traveler, As the sun-kissed days of summer make way for the golden embrace of autumn, Greece reveals a different, yet equally captivating, side of its rich cultural tapestry. September gracefully transitions into October, and with it, a whole new world of experiences awaits those who venture to this extraordinary destination. Autumn in Greece is

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 88

Dear Traveler, As the calendar pages turn to September, we bid farewell to the lazy, hazy days of summer and embrace the promise of a new season. This month marks a delightful transition, where the sun-drenched memories of beach vacations blend seamlessly with the anticipation of crisp autumn adventures. And what better way to welcome