Dear Traveler,


The peak month of Greek summer is behind us and as we contemplate the passing of yet another season, we can’t help but feel grateful for living in such a beautiful and diverse country.


In our “Celebrating the peak month of Greek summer” issue we elaborate on the unique traditions that highlight the significance of the celebration of the Dormition of Virgin Mary which falls on the 15th of August. Those who were fortunate enough to travel around Greece during this time most certainly would have had the opportunity to experience the magic surrounding this authentic religious event. If not, then there is always the next year and we do hope this article will inspire you to seek out some lesser-known destinations where you can feel a connection to faith and the local culture.


September is truly a remarkable time to explore the Greek seas, and we can’t think of a better way than on a sailing trip through the eastern shores of the Peloponnese – one of the Mediterranean’s premier sailing destinations. The variety along this route is tremendous – lush Green islands, historic cities, elite cosmopolitan sports, cultural hotspots, and finally a mesmerizing medieval village make for a stunning array of experiences.

With the changing of seasons comes the chance to discover the many faces of Greece and new opportunities are always on the horizon. Are you ready for new discoveries?

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou