Dear Traveler,

As we welcome the second month of the year – a mesmerizing winter landscape unfolds. The Greek mountain peaks form a blanket of soft and silky white snow – a beautiful sight to behold.

Greece’s mountains are an extraordinary destination in any season.

In addition to skiing in winter, they are refreshing destinations in all seasons, tied to the history and culture of the regions they tower over so majestically.

In our Greek winter escapes issue we introduce you to the mighty mountains of Greece which draw visitors from far and wide. From Greece’s tallest mountain – Mt. Olympus, the sacred land and home of the twelve gods to the dramatic Mount Taygetus, the crown jewel of the Peloponnese.


We invite you to rediscover your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in Greece’s diverse culture and varied landscape – which promises a truly remarkable experience!


There is nothing better than waking up each day to an exciting new adventure. Let’s make it happen!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou



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