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Walking and Hiking – Experiencing Greece in Autumn

For many people - Greeks included - Autumn is the finest season of the year. People from heartier climates farther north will find the Aegean and Ionian still perfectly swim-worthy. And everyone will find the weather for walking and hiking absolutely ideal.  Fans of slower, contemplative travel, blended with a dose of wellness in some

Taking Autumn in at a Brisk Pace in Greece – Five Famous Runs

Autumn is the perfect season to really enjoy nature in Greece. There is still plenty of sweet sunshine, but the intense heat of midsummer has abated, and long sunny afternoons in nature abound. There’s perhaps no better - nor more truly satisfying - way to enjoy the Greek outdoors than to participate in an organized


Dear Traveler, As autumn temperatures bestow upon us, and the season begins to change we reflect on the precious gifts of nature we’ve been graciously showered with to this day.   Nature is our very existence and one of the noblest gifts we have ever received. The air we breathe, the earth we tread on, and the