Dear Traveler,

As autumn temperatures bestow upon us, and the season begins to change we reflect on the precious gifts of nature we’ve been graciously showered with to this day.


Nature is our very existence and one of the noblest gifts we have ever received. The air we breathe, the earth we tread on, and the water we drink. Life is all around us. These miraculous natural recourses have helped generations to survive, thrive, and evolve. While the basic human needs have remained the same, over the centuries human talent has taken on a new form.


In our Gifts of Nature issue, we focus on how over the centuries humans used rocks and minerals found in the Earth’s crust to influence the development of arts. All of Greece sometimes seems as if it is an outdoor museum, with ancient temples throughout the mainland and islands. To learn more about the evolvement of human talent we delve deeper into the history of marble and how it was quarried in the pre-industrial age, the ingenious methods by which it was transferred and dealt with.


Almost all Earth’s materials are used for something and humans have been using clay to create since the beginning of civilization. Pottery is an expression of the very earth itself. Today we can admire vast collections of pottery in many museums all across Greece. The elaborate decoration on the pottery of ancient Greece gives us valuable insight into their daily life.


The Earth has been extremely generous with her gifts, how can we reciprocate her generosity? Traveling consciously can be a great start! Will you join us on the journey of creating a meaningful impact?

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou