Dear Traveler,


We often hear stories of some faraway land,  filled with long journeys, brave heroes, mighty knights, and mischievous pirates. In Greece, all these magical stories come alive. As we travel through the realms of our imagination we are invited to explore the timeless history of this inspiring and diverse country, blessed with spectacular and otherworldly landscapes, remarkable people, and mouthwatering cuisine.


Greece is a country that offers its visitors bountiful opportunities to become part of a magical dream. In our “Remote Treasures of Greece” issue we shed light on two charming lesser-known destinations that will undoubtedly enhance your Dodecanese experience.


Kastellorizo, with its delightful archipelago of charming islands, was once a commercial powerhouse, dealing in charcoal and sponges, with an impressive merchant fleet to trade them. Today the impressive, grand mansions are there to remind us of its once-upon-a-time era of prosperity. Those seeking something less imposing and more down-to-earth will find solitude in the quaint Chalki. With an easy reach from Rhodes, this historically rich island is characterized by an aristocratic port town awash in soft warm hues and rich in elegant detail, with ruins that whisper of the days of the knights and the seas teaming with pirates.


Greece is a perfect canvas of colors, flavors, and sounds. Are you ready to discover it?

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou