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Tragedy – the Role and Teachings of Ancient Greek Tragedy

The Greek Tragedy is truly one of the foundations of Western culture, an inspiration for centuries of great dramatic works. Specific famous works address and explore the fundamental questions and struggles of human existence, remaining as such as relevant to the contemporary spirit as they were when first performed. Here following are some famous dramatists


Dear Traveler,   We often hear stories of some faraway land,  filled with long journeys, brave heroes, mighty knights, and mischievous pirates. In Greece, all these magical stories come alive. As we travel through the realms of our imagination we are invited to explore the timeless history of this inspiring and diverse country, blessed with

Ancient Greek Comedy – the Role and Teachings of Comedy

Of the many fundamental contributions of Ancient Greece to western culture is the birth of theater. Between tragedy and comedy, ancient Greek theater expresses the fullness of the human experience, allowing the audience to vicariously experience emotions of dramatic depth, and also to lighten the soul through merriment. It was a complement to life that