Dear Traveler,
March is a month that focuses on taking action – as Spring kicks in, it is a time of advancement and forward movement propelling us into the future.


At Fly Me To The Moon we are constantly seeking inspiration and in this month’s “Greek Talent” issue we introduce you to two unique companies and their approach to redefining creativity.


In an interview with Eleanna Tabouri, the founder of the fashion brand NEVRO we discuss her journey of transitioning into fashion and having the courage to pursue two demanding careers at once. Her staple blazers have been featured in the top fashion magazines worldwide.


When it comes to desserts, the flavors created by the talented team of Noble Pastry led by Chefs Evgenios Vardakastanis and Ioannis Kikiras – will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!


We invite you to get to know this wonderful talent through our Artistic Interview series.
Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou


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