The Body & Soul issue

Dear Traveler,

We would like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Easter. May it bring you love and the freshness of spring.

In our “Body & Soul” issue we introduce you to the beautiful Greek traditions and take you on a journey to the majestic island of Corfu, an island with evergreen hills which are dotted with cypresses and olive trees.  The landscape of Corfu looks as it was directly taken out of a painting, a captivating blend of green and blue — can you think of a better way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul?

In our special Artistic Tales interview series we introduce you to the miraculous energy oils — the Soli Dharma which are created in Greece using the old Tibetan recipes that rely on the fundamental principles of Jung Tsee (Tibetan Elemental Astrology).

One of the most fascinating Greek traditions is the bomboniere which is offered as a gift at weddings and baptisms — learn more about this remarkable sweet expression of joy. Finally, we present you with Greece’s unique collection of therapeutic natural hot springs which offer a broad spectrum of experiences at all times of year.

Greece offers an all-senses experience — join us on this remarkable journey!