Autumn planning

 Dear Traveler,

Planning is half the fun of travel and the beauty lies in the feelings connected with waiting for your next trip. While you sit back, relax and enjoy your summer vacation, we have compiled some fresh and inspiring travel ideas — delivered right to your inbox.

Once you say adieu to summer — autumn will be glorious too. In our “Autumn planning” issue we visit Thessaloniki, a well kept secret with an urban pedigree over 23 centuries long, a city that exudes cosmopolitan confidence.

Nothing will bring you closer to the Ancient Greek heritage than an experience of a grape harvest, a tradition dating back thousands of years. Autumn is a wonderful time of year to be part of this festive tradition.

The Peloponnese is a place full of enchanting contrasts which are waiting to be discovered. A road trip down the lacey, winding roads of the Maniot Riviera will gift you with amazing views that will intoxicate your five senses.

Lastly, why not start planning your summer 2019? Greece is home to more than 150 inhabited islands — each and every one of them exuding a special charm. Let’s plan a trip to Folegandros, which is often considered Santorini’s more demure sister.

Stay inspired, stay connected! We wish you a fabulous July. Καλό μήνα!