Greek Easter

Dear Traveler,

March is finally here. Καλό μήνα is a phrase we use in Greece to wish everyone a great new month ahead.

While last summer seems like a distant memory, the summer of 2019 is only a few pages away. The time of year when the air feels up with chatter and late night melodies, the sweet summer breeze that welcomes you with open arms, the warm sunshine that greets you with a smile and the light, like nothing you have experienced before. Welcome to Greece!

In this month’s newsletter we share a few stories about our favorite traditions. Greece is particularly lovely at Easter, the days are warm, the Archeological sites glow in the sunshine and the places are not overwhelmed with crowds. We urge you to experience it for yourselves.

Greece is a country full of exciting destinations and so this season we are delighted to introduce you to some new remarkable places. Our hand-picked destinations are lesser known to the majority of travelers, which means thatyou will be there to witness it first!

We exclusively craft experiences for you, our dear curious travelers. We are excited to show you what we have in store for you… so let’s go.