Konstantinos Kaspiris: Soli Dharma the miraculous energy oils

Konstantinos Kaspiris is an inspirational character who wears many hats. His exceptional talents are reflected in his numerous roles as a costume designer, stylist, fashion expert and creator of the miraculous energy oils — the Soli Dharma.

He recently sat down with Fly Me to The Moon for this “Artistic Tales” interview to share his journey of getting involved in the fashion industry, to following his passions which finally led to a destined encounter, — discovering the secret ingredients of creating the Soli Dharma.

You hold years of experience in the fashion industry and wear many hats as a costume designer, stylist, fashion expert, image maker and creator of Soli Dharma (energy oils). Tells us a little bit more about how you got involved in the fashion industry in the first place?

First it was a dream that was linked to my mother’s classy figure and the images of the movie stars that I was admiring. Then fashion became a small act of rebellion against my family’s plans for my future. – Medicine was an inviolable family tradition and I had to follow it. So, many years later, although I was already working as a fashion stylist, I graduated from the Medicine School of Athens.

You have completed your studies both in Italy and France, how have these two countries and experiences shaped your career?

I had the privilege to begin my fashion studies at Accademia Nazionale di San Luca and to continue at Accademia di Costume e di Moda in Rome, Italy. I always remember my favorite teacher, Madame Carmina, who was pushing me to follow my dreams. She used to say: “fashion is a religion and you must believe in it, if you want to live miracles”. Some years later, I had  completed my studies at Esmode in Paris, France. There, I met Pier, a difficult person who was teaching styling. From the first moment, I thought that he didn’t like me but one day, he came beside me and whispered in my ear —  “I believe that you are the only one, who will make a career from this class”.
Both of these phrases marked my efforts in the years that followed. At that period of my life, I worked as stylist with famous fashion photographers for glossy magazines and as a costumista (costume designer) at Rai (Radiotelevisione Italiana).

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

I get inspired by many people, especially if they have an interesting personality. I cannot choose one of them as my greatest inspiration. Usually, I turn to different types of art for inspiration. From visual arts like painting, architecture and conceptual art to performing arts like theatre, opera and dance — you can see many influences in my work. I also make many references to several cultures and traditions. I observe the contemporary urban street-style and I travel to past decades. I love the 40s, 50s and early 60s.

How did you get involved in this exciting journey of creating Soli Dharma (energy oils)?

I think that the Soli Dharma came to me. It was a destined encounter that opened the doors to an unexpected journey. Ι inherited their recipes from an Italian friend after the massive fire that had destroyed the ancient Tibetan village known as Shangri-La in January 2014.

Its first name was Dukezong or Dorkhar, but the Chinese authorities renamed it to Shangri-La like the fictional mystical place described in the 1933 novel “Lost Horizon” by British author James Hilton. The 1,300-year-old Tibetan village used to be a stop on the ancient southern Silk Road. One of the largest Tibetan temples and a closed to the public lamasery are located near Dorkhar in Shangri-la County. The energy oils, Soli Dharma are based on ancient Tibetan prescriptions, which originate from the monks of this lamasery.

The oils are created in Greece using the old Tibetan recipes that rely on the fundamental principles of Jung Tsee (Tibetan Elemental Astrology). Please share the key points of these miraculous oils.

Their prescriptions use the core values of Jung Tsee that are considered as one of the Daśayidya (Ten Sciences). Their special scented ingredients, which were used at mystical shamanic practices, activate, enhance or eliminate the capacities of the Gyu-Kar (27 astrological formations of the Tibetan Kar Tsee Astrology). The pure, natural ingredients that are used for their preparation are mixed on specific astrological conjunctures, according to the detailed Lunar Tibetan calendar that tags along.

So is it true that energy doesn’t lie? Tibetan astrology gives great importance to the energy balance of individuals. How can the Soli Dharma be used for the benefits of individuals? 

Energy never lies and gives powers that today, we consider extraordinary. But it must always be in balance. Attaching importance to this energy balance of individuals, every Soli Dharma must be applied daily on specific chakras.
Being renewed on selected periods, according to their prescriptions, the Soli Dharma offer to you, the energy that you seek to cover your needs, your hopes and your expectations.

Which is your favourite destination in Greece and why?

I love my country and I believe that it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. My favorite destination is the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea, most famous for being the location of both the vision of and the writing of the Revelation.

According to a legend in Greek mythology, the island’s original name was “Letois”, after the goddess and huntress of deer Artemis, daughter of Leto. It was believed that Patmos came into existence thanks to her divine intervention. I go there to relax by the sea under the bright blue sky. That’s why I love it.

To learn more about the different types of Soli Dharma, the Tibetan Elemental Astrology and how you can purchase these miraculous oils, visit Konstantinos Kaspiris’s website http://fashionistas.com.gr/

Photo credits: Konstantinos Giannakis