March 2018 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Corfu

If you’ve already checked off Greece’s most visited islands and not sure where to go next? Consider planning a trip to experience the hidden sides of the majestic island of Corfu.

Konstantinos Kaspiris: Soli Dharma the miraculous energy oils

Konstantinos Kaspiris is an inspirational character who wears many hats. His exceptional talents are reflected in his numerous roles as a costume designer, stylist, fashion expert and creator of the miraculous energy oils — the Soli Dharma.


S erifos. Nope, I hadn’t heard of it either. In fact, I am yet to get a glimmer of recognition from anyone to whom I mention its name. I was introduced to this small Greek island in the Cyclades by Elena Papanicolaou, a selfstyled travel designer who quit a busy corporate life to set up

Greek Bombonieres: History and Tradition

A bomboniere in its classic form is simple. If there is one single object that represents a momentous, joyous event in Greece, is the Greek Bomboniere. No wedding or baptism is without these beautiful, symbolic favors- they are deeply bound to Greek tradition.


Dear Traveler, Greece is rich in a lot of things — world-renowned ancient history and culture, phenomenal architecture and of course the amazing food.  Anyone who has already been to Greece will surely agree that the Greek cuisine is absolutely divine. In our “Foodie” issue we highlight the uniqueness of one of the richest cuisines

Hidden Destinations: The Famous Thermal Springs of Greece

As if Greece were not already blessed enough with gorgeous waters, the country is also rich in therapeutic natural thermal springs that make ideal destinations for a wellness get-away. The famous thermal springs of Greece offer a broad spectrum of experiences.