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Many seasoned travelers of today find themselves in a reflective mode, redefining their notion of luxury. What impresses today is not merely the elegance of well-appointed rooms or the expertise of staff; the traveler of today often seeks something more- a transformative sense of authentic connection, to nature and to culture.

An Immersive Cretan Holiday

Phaea Blue Palace boutique hotel is a new accommodation set to open in just a few weeks in Elounda, the most elite and illustrious section of the Cretan coastline. In addition to all of the expected details – a serene natural setting, elegant, understated design integrated into the natural environment, superb guest services – the Phaea Blue Palace offers something much more elusive – true “Philoxenia”.

The Greek word for hospitality is a broad concept; more than mere hospitality, the innovative offerings of the Phaea Blue Palace aim to integrate guests into the Cretan way of life. A host of novel experiences promises not only a memorable holiday, but a transformative experience.

Bespoke Experiences – Defining the “Greek Summer”

This uniquely guest-centered, bespoke experiential approach takes into account the type of traveler – do they seek cultural immersion? Holistic wellness? A more profound and pleasurable connection with nature? An innovative menu offers experiences geared variously to the Nurtured Traveler, the Inspired Traveler, the Conscious Traveler.

The concept of the  “Greek Summer” had taken hold of the collective imagination – a carefree sweetness, casual spontaneity, a connection with nature. A host of offerings capture the elusive experience for guests.

These experiences go above and beyond the norm, with a touch of whimsy and inspiration. Consider the Classic Car Village Tour, for example – traveling through the glorious Cretan countryside is elevated into a nostalgic cinematic experience with a vintage Mercedes. On another adventure, the vehicle also sets the tone – a traditional caique – a wooden fishing boat – takes the traveler around the bay of Mirabello, exploring remote coves.

The traveler who seeks to recharge can also do no better. The natural setting and the positive energy of the Cretan landscape are ideal for wellness travel –  yoga, Pilates, and meditation unfold in harmony with the energy of the setting, allowing for a profound and transformative connection with nature.

Definitive, Conscientious Dining

Dining pulls everything about the Phaea Blue Palace experience together. For the conscientious traveler, ‘gourmet’ is not sufficient. Enlightened travelers are more interested in questions of sustainability, seasonality, authenticity. The chefs at Phaea Blue Palace are not just chefs- they are gardeners, beekeepers, stewards of the land – and guests join them in these meaningful activities. The Farmer’s Feast is set in the organic garden, and begins in the soil, as guests select the produce for their meal, later to be enjoyed around a communal table under the trees.

For those wishing to connect with Cretan culture, a traditional Cretan feast amid bonfires on a private beach will be a magical experience. Lamb cooked across from the coals for hours, free-flowing wine, and the inimitable music of the Cretan Lyra will stir the soul. Those wishing to learn can also have a lesson in Cretan cooking, or a tasting of Cretan wines, a celebration of indigenous varieties, often revived from the ancient world.

Those fascinated by the secret lives of bees are initiated into their magical world with Phaea Plan Bee – a bee-friendly landscape of flowering plants ensures a hospitable environment. Guests can participate in a mini-harvest, followed by a tasting.

Accommodations to Suit Every Traveler

Phaea Blue Palace offers a variety of accommodation styles from tasteful and spacious double rooms and sea-view bungalows, to suites and maisonettes with private heated pools, and a beautifully appointed, art-filled villa with a pool and a private butler for larger parties seeking the ultimate in privacy and comfort.

For the traveler seeking a truly memorable, transformative holiday, this novel destination in Crete offers something quite special. The dedication to true hospitality is something we share at Fly Me To The Moon Travel; we are delighted to be able to provide this unique experience.