November 2016 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

Hidden Destination: Spotlight on Xanthi

Xanthi is a destination with a rich tobacco past and a multiethnic character, a natural and historical beauty also known as “the city of a thousand colors.”

Griechenland individuell

Griechenland echt erleben: Die Agentur „Fly Me To The Moon“ hat sich auf Reisen ins Land der Götter spezialisiert. Gegründet wurde sie vor drei Jahren von Elena Papanicolaou. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Team entwirft sie maßgeschneiderte Griechenland-Touren für zahlungskräftige Reisende. Interessierte können sich von den Experten einen Trip nach ihren persönlichen Vorstellungen zusammenstellen lassen. Ein Augenmerk

The Skyros Horse: The Famous Hellenic Hipparion

The Skyros horse is a small-bodied breed also known as the Hellenic Hipparion, one of the rarest breeds in the world.

Changing of the Guard Ceremony in Greece: Evzones

The changing of the guard ceremony in Greece is one of the most memorable official ceremonies of its kind.  Greece’s elite presidential guard, known as the Evzones, protect the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with unique costumes and a memorable ceremony that is steeped in Greek tradition.


Dear Traveler, It’s the time of year that the leaves are turning and the weather is getting cooler. At Fly Me To The Moon we will take you to destinations that will make the season magical. Discover the other side of Greece, from abandoned villages, extraordinary gorges and to the mythical mountainscapes. Join us on

Anatolian Coffee: History and Culture

Anatolian coffee takes center stage in Greece and the regions surrounding Greece as a significant part of food culture and life.