November 2023 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

The “Polis” – Etymology, Civilization, and Ancient Greece

The Ancient Greek world has much to teach us still. The highest good, the ultimate virtue in ancient Greek society was civic engagement - contributing to the common good of the city and of society at large. For example, the wealthiest of the citizens were expected to fund the building of “triremes” battleships to protect

The Inspiring Story of the Marathon

During the Autumn months, festive and ambitious races of amateur and professional runners take place in cities large and small. The Marathon is now a beloved tradition, a celebration of athletics, dedication, and human achievement. But how did it get its name? And why the unusual yet quite specific - 42.195 kilometers (or 26 miles

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 90

Dear Traveler, As we step into the enchanting month of November, we’re embarking on a journey that delves deep into the geological treasures of Greece. While this month traditionally signals the approach of winter, it’s also an ideal time to spotlight the wealth of Greek marble and mineral quarries, which have shaped not only the