December 2023 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

Happy Holidays from Greece

As we prepare to enter the New Year, we often think with anticipation of our plans for the months to unfold, the destinations we will visit, the experiences we will enjoy. Greece is endlessly rich in travel inspiration, whatever your taste in travel may be. Island Experiences We very often think of Summer as the

Christmas Caroling in Greece

Christmas in Greece is a very beautiful season. Linking three holidays, the Christmas season is joyous and quite long. Caroling is one of the highlights. The Long Holiday Season in Greece The Holiday mood begins truly in early December, as people decorate their homes and apartments, and municipalities put out many lights and trees. Tree-lighting

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 91

Dear Traveler, As December unfolds its wintry embrace, we find ourselves at the threshold of a month that beckons us to explore the timeless values and linguistic marvels rooted in the cradle of civilization—ancient Greece. In this month’s newsletter – “Reproducing ancient Greek values” we embark on a cultural odyssey, unraveling the threads of ancient Greek philosophy,