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Michael Pelamidis: Art is one of the most resilient flowers

Michael Pelamidis is a young, talented and restless jewelry designer. At a young age he has gained the recognition as a top Greek jewelry designer. Born and raised in Paris, Pelamidis moved to Greece to further explore his passion for jewelry design. He says that “art is one of the most resilient flowers” his artistic

Spetses: An Island of Beautiful Aromas

Spetses is a fragrant, pine-clad island known for beautiful beaches, carefree yet cosmopolitan vibe and a thrilling dramatic history that shaped Greece as a newly independent nation.

Hidden Destination: Serifos Island

Visit Serifos and you’ll be exploring one of the most stunning yet “hidden” Cycladic island destinations.

The Amazing Caves of Greece

The amazing caves of Greece are scattered throughout the country and many impress travelers with their beauty, history and tales.

PDO Santorini: One of the World’s Most Ancient Vineyards

Santorini has a unique terroir that is acclaimed worldwide – the PDO Santorini – which makes it one of the most stunning island destinations for the wine connoisseur.

Hidden Destination: Northern Corfu

Northern Corfu is distinctly different from the rest of the island in many ways.  Here’s a closer look at this fantastic region of one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

25th of March: The Greek Independence Day

The 25th of March marks an important day in Greece’s history. This day is considered both a historical and a religious holiday.

Documenta14 in Athens

Documenta is one of the most significant art exhibitions in the world and it will be held in Athens.

Hidden Destination: Spotlight on Kavala

Kavala is a city of a thousand nights. The former “Mecca of Tobacco” is one of Greece’s most vibrant destinations. Those who embark on a journey here will experience its rich history, full of tales.

Mastiha of Chios: A Precious Product of Greece

There are many exotic spices in the world but the mastiha of Chios is truly special. The mastic tree, from which it comes from, can only grow on this Aegean island.