September 2018 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel


Dear Traveler, Let’s turn a leaf and welcome autumn. Every season is exciting and autumn in particular. For the adventure seekers that you are, always looking out for new experiences — we have some fantastic new itineraries prepared just for you. In our Top 4 Choices for Autumn in Greece issue we embark on a journey to

The Charms of Drama and its Wine Roads

The town of Drama and its region make a wonderful destination, all the more rewarding as it is remote and unspoiled. Very much off the traditional tourist path, there is plenty to discover.

Cruising the Saronic Islands

It’s amazing that such diverse experiences on islands with such distinctive, authentic character are so close to Athens. A short ferry ride from Piraeus brings you to some of Greece’s most accessible island experiences- gorgeous beaches, lush nature, boutique hotels and luxury accommodations, in settings rich with history and culture.

The Hidden Charms of Rhodes

Rhodes, fourth largest of Greece’s Islands, is one of the best known, and one of the first that attracted mass tourism. It’s full of major sites and large resorts, but one of the best ways to get the most out of this big island is to explore its quieter side: its wilder beaches and remote

Chilling Out in Chania: The Perfect Cretan Escape

Crete’s westernmost town is a great favorite with visitors. There are sights and activities enough to fill a checklist to be sure. This compact town packs a lot of atmosphere into its tangle of colorful Venetian alleys, shady hidden squares, and picturesque harbors filled with fishing boats. You’ll find more than enough enchantment just wandering,


Dear Traveler, Let’s welcome the coming fall season! As we say in Greece — Καλό μήνα(Kalo Mina), when we want to wish someone a great month. As the sun sets on summer, there is still so much to look forward to in the fall. In our The Moon issue we touch upon the meaning of moon in great