The Moon issue

Dear Traveler,
Let’s welcome the coming fall season! As we say in Greece — Καλό μήνα(Kalo Mina), when we want to wish someone a great month. As the sun sets on summer, there is still so much to look forward to in the fall.

In our The Moon issue we touch upon the meaning of moon in great depth, from elaborating on its fascinating entity to exploring its meaning in ancient Greek mythology. We share with you the enchanting tales of Selene— an inspiration behind a proliferous literary heritage that spans centuries, civilisations and religious sects. After all, there is no denying that an immaculate moonlit night brings about the feeling of romance.

The August Full Moon is celebrated like nowhere else, where inspiring and historic sites of Greece become the venues for a variety of cultural events.

If you have never experienced the full moon in Greece, we hope to inspire you to plan you trip for August 2019.

In the next coming weeks we will be sharing plenty of autumn inspired activities and trips around Greece. We do not dwell on saying adieu to summer but are ready to welcome autumn with open arms.

Happy travels this fall and thanks for reading!