Top 4 Choices for Autumn in Greece

Dear Traveler,
Let’s turn a leaf and welcome autumn. Every season is exciting and autumn in particular. For the adventure seekers that you are, always looking out for new experiences — we have some fantastic new itineraries prepared just for you.

In our Top 4 Choices for Autumn in Greece issue we embark on a journey to the town of Drama which is still quite remote and unspoiled. From traditional villages to breathtaking natural surroundings and remarkable wine tradition — here your glass will always be full.

Did you know that there are plenty of gorgeous islands that you can easily reach from Athens? Cruising the Saronic Islands is a delightful way to experience lush nature, scenic beaches as well as centuries long history and culture.  We invite you on this exceptional journey!


Every island has its hidden charms, you just have to look closer.  Despite its large size, Rhodes has a quieter side too — with wild beaches, forest, lakes and mysterious destinations.


Finally, we invite you on a trip to Chania where we have planned out the perfect itinerary to make the most of this enchanting town, full of colorful Venetian alleys, delicious cuisine and the most heartfelt hospitality.


Are you ready to embrace new adventures?