Greece’s Culinary Treasures issue

Dear Traveler,

December is all about reflections, looking back at your 2018 journey and preparing yourself for 2019. It is a wonderful time of year to be surrounded by family and friends. These are the times that are best enjoyed over a meal — or traveling together to discover renowned cuisines and cultures.

Our Greece’s Culinary Treasures issue has been complied to inspire you with gifting your loved ones with memorable experiences. From embarking on a rewarding escape to savour rich chestnut flavors, to exploring enchanting mountain villages and attending traditional Greek village festivals.
Travel to Kozani and learn all about the sensational saffron seasoning which is greatly prized in cuisines throughout the world — for its luxurious color, its delicate aroma, and for its real and imagined properties. The region of Kozani, in northern Greece, is abloom with acres upon acres of its exquisite purple blossoms.

Fancy discovering the secrets of producing an aromatic strong spirit calledtsipouro? Just as people go on a wine route, on a tsipouro route you can learn more about the country as you learn more about the drink.
For an ultimate culinary experience join us on a mushroom and truffle hunting journey that combines mountain air, forests and unspoiled beauty.

Greece has two magnificent destinations for a novel sort of gastronomic tourism, ideal for those who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and working up an appetite in the mountains before they sit down to a serious gourmet meal.

We will be delighted to help you plan the most wonderful winter experiences in Greece! Here’s to a Merry December!