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A Greek Travel Wish-List 2019

It’s so exciting as New Year’s approaches to think of the year ahead, empty pages of a calendar still to be filled with experiences we can’t yet imagine. Nothing enriches life and creates memories like travel. In Greece, there are so many diverse destinations: you can fulfill a travel dream or pursue an interest in

What makes Greek Christmas Special

The Holidays in Greece are marked with some special and specific traditions that are uniquely, beautifully Greek- special decorations, traditional dishes, old customs, and even a mischievous twist on the Christmas elf. We’ve rounded up what makes Greek Christmas special.


Dear Traveler, December is all about reflections, looking back at your 2018 journey and preparing yourself for 2019. It is a wonderful time of year to be surrounded by family and friends. These are the times that are best enjoyed over a meal — or traveling together to discover renowned cuisines and cultures. Our Greece’s Culinary