Dear Traveler,

Let’s welcome September and embrace the closing of one season and celebrate the opening of another one. But the warm days of summer do not have to end here as there are still plenty of reasons to visit Greece. Every month of the year holds its own unique offerings and September is no exception.


In our Summer Light issue we introduce you to the magical shift of light from one season to the next. I have shared my passion for Greece’s unique light with you all before, the light that has inspired poets, musicians and philosophers over centuries.  The light that greets each and every one of us who visits Greece.


As the sun continues to heat up the beaches, here in the mountainous region of Zagori it is pleasant by day, with refreshingly cool evenings for a restorative night’s sleep. The leaves may just be taking on hints of the vibrant colors of autumn, adding great beauty to your visit. We share the secrets of this remarkable region with you. Make sure to read it on our blog!


Did you know that in Attica you can have an elegant beach holiday with a sophisticated urban touch? Central Athens, so easily accessible, provides cultural destinations for every taste. We list plenty of reasons to plan a last minute summer escape to Greece’s capital. You will be happy you did.


Lastly on the subject of light, we highlight Greece’s eternal connection with the sea by introducing you, our dear reader to the gorgeous beacons of safety and welcome — the most historic lighthouses of Greece set in some of the most dramatic locations around the country.


Are you ready for a peaceful, private and full of character experience? Go ahead and drop us a line.  Wishing you all a sweet September!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou