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We believe that now more than ever it is important to connect with nature, to reflect, slow down and to appreciate the beautiful world around us.  Greece offers endless possibilities, to do that and more — 365 days a year.


In this month’s Keep walking issue we introduce you to the idea of a hiking holiday in Greece, and bring you numerous examples of how it can be stimulating and restorative at the same time.


Communing with nature – alone, as a couple, or with friends or family – is the ideal combination of activity and solitude. It’s also a wonderful way to experience Greece. Greece’s glorious landscape is particularly rewarding to hikers.


Read along and you will discover how the Menalon trail can be an epic experience for those who commit to the full 75 kilometers while exploring the historic sights of many eras and all the wonders of the Peloponnese region.


For those who wish to experience Northern Greece and its many historical, natural and cultural charms are invited to follow the Nestos – Rodopi trail of nearly 70 kilometers, which is broken into six lengths of varying degrees of difficulty, so your ideal hike can be tailored to your wishes.


Greece has many hidden gems, and we invite you to follow the lesser traveled paths — where you can enjoy your own private Greece.

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Elena Papanicolaou