Dear Traveler,


I hope that you and your loved ones are above all safe and healthy.

As humanity deals with fear and volatility, please know that you are not alone. We are in this all together and as we stand united, we shall and will overcome these dark times.

As we are faced with home confinement and social distancing, now more than ever we realize what a blessing travel is and has been in our lives.

The simple pleasures of being able to experience, meet, learn, enjoy and connect with other cultures. Sometimes as simple as sharing a meal, a glass of wine or exchanging a hello with a complete stranger.

Travel is not over, and our industry will be in need of support when the time comes, but until then we can still read, plan and above all dream. Dreams are free…


We will continue to publish inspiring stories every month and also invite you to explore our Blog section where you can find a wonderful escape in hundreds of articles which have been published over the years, sharing stories, experiences, cultural and gastronomical treasures of Greece.


Today, as we reflect on the ethics of healthcare and give thanks to  the heroes in the frontline who are tirelessly working on our behalf, let’s remember the goddess of good health, cleanliness and hygiene — Hygeia (ΥΓΙΕΙΑ), daughter of Asclepios (God of Medicine). Great truth and wisdom lies in the myths. Please stay safe and protect those around you.


When the time comes we will be delighted to plan your next ventures into this wonderful world which is waiting to be discovered. Stay safe today, discover tomorrow!

Sincerely yours,


Elena Papanicolaou