Greek Winter Escapes – Thematic City Breaks

    Winter is a fantastic time to get back in touch with culture. Greece’s cities are at their best in this almost always sunny - but not very hot - season, with cultural events and festivals, new exhibitions, and a host of other delights. Here are some of the nicest ways to enjoy an urban holiday,

    Reasons to Escape to Greece in the Autumn: Gastronomical traditions

    The harvest season in Greece is truly a magical time to visit the country. The Mediterranean is slow to grow cold - there are plenty of sunny afternoons for lunching al fresco in short sleeves, and maybe even slipping in a late season swim or two. It’s also an enormously busy and festive season. The


    Dear Traveler, As we bid adieu to October and welcome November, we embark on a journey to discover the secret wonders of Greece. We find that taking the road less traveled always brings that sense of excitement - and allows our guests to truly connect with the authentic side of Greece.   In our “Secret Autumn

    Greek Autumn Escapes: Secret lakes – Doxa, Kourna, Vegoritida

    With the arrival of autumn, the light of Greece grows more golden, as the foliage begins to turn. This is the season when Greece’s lakes are at their best - the birds are migrating, the days are cool enough for some wonderful hikes, and the colors of the season are reflected the lakes’ glassy surfaces.

    The Secret Chapels of Greece

    One of the most wonderful things about Greece is the strength of the connection between faith and nature. Greece is perhaps unique in the sheer number of churches per area; even in the most remote, uninhabited locations, one finds a small chapel. Often they are even in the most unusual spots - a mountain peak,


    Dear Traveler, Autumn, is in all senses a truly refreshing time of year. As the crisp air sets the tone for the new season we can’t help but feel hopeful and excited about what the future holds. As the sun continues to brighten our days and the crowds begin to slowly disperse, the magic of

    Ioannina and the Surrounding Region: An Ideal Destination for Fall

    Ioannina, in the verdant heart of central Greece, is a wonderful destination for fall. A cultured and elegant town situated on a lake, it is also near some of Greece’s best loved traditional villages.   The Lake and the Island Lake Pamvotida is very often called simply the lake of Ioannina. This lovely small city

    Pelion – A Magical Autumn Escape

    Although well-known among Greeks, gorgeous Pelion somehow still counts as a somewhat under the radar destination. Easily reached and by no means remote, it is still a place that must be sought out. This forested peninsula on the eastern shores, a couple of hours north of Athens, is a refuge of culture and authenticity, dotted


    Dear Traveler, As the month of September approaches, we embrace the change of season, and our carefree attitude of the summer months shifts into a cozy and comfortable state of mind. We get excited for what’s to come, everything around us changes as we find ourselves settling into new routines. With this in mind, we decided

    Contemporary Cultural Festivals that Enrich the Greek Summer

    Summer in Greece is about so much more than the stunning beaches, the archaeological sites, and the incomparable landscapes. Besides being the season of long days under the glorious Mediterranean sun, it’s also the season of exciting nights of music, dance, cinema, and - this being Greece - of course theater. Summer is the finest