Open Air Cinemas in Greece

    There’s nothing lovelier than a Greek summer evening, filled with soft breezes and the scent of jasmine. It seems no one is indoors on a fine Greek summer night - the outdoor cafes, tavernas and chic restaurants with tables under the stars begin to fill, and the streets are lively with locals and visitors enjoying


    Dear Traveler, This summer we invite you to discover the exciting and diverse destinations we have selected for you in Greece.  At FLY ME TO THE MOON our goal is to connect you with the best qualities of each destination through unique experiences and adventures. In our Rejuvenating Journey in Greece issue we’ve curated a selection of corporate

    Corporate Wellness Retreat in Greece

    Imagine a rejuvenating reward for your team in Greece. A corporate wellness retreat focusing on a holistic approach to health will spark productivity and creativity. An easing of tensions will give clarity of focus, a heightened sense of purpose. It will also eliminate the traces of day-to-day strain and improve communication in your team.  Greece

    Kythira Island – Under the Radar

    With over 200 inhabited Greek Islands to choose from, each glorious in its own special way, choosing the perfect one can actually be a (delightful) challenge.   But many visitors to Greece - particularly those who are coming for a second or third time and have seen the most famous highlights, and visited the more

    Rebetiko – UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

    We are all familiar with UNESCO world heritage sites. Visitors to Greece will be fortunate to see many monuments, archaeological sites, churches, and other places inscribed in the registry. Equally valuable, and more difficult to quantify, UNESCO has also sought to safeguard treasured cultural practices. Things like oral traditions, social practices, rituals, and events, performing


    Dear Traveler, Summer has officially begun and it’s time to enjoy the sunshine! Our mindset is focused on the holiday, the unforgettable summer days spent on a Greek island — filled with endless hours of swimming in the crystal clear azure waters, basking in the sun and simply enjoying life. The golden sunlight is waiting

    A Corporate Sailing Retreat in Greece

    Greece is an extraordinary destination for a corporate retreat. It’s not only a place that enables your team to enjoy a complete change of environment, but also experience something meaningful together. A Corporate Sailing Retreat in Greece A Sailing Expedition for Your Team The beauty and complexity of the landscape provides for a variety of

    Summer Recipes in Greece

    The temptations of Summer in Greece are nothing short of legendary. Summer in Greece is also the best season for culinary travel. Here are some regional specialties we would love to share with you, plus some favorites enjoyed all over Greece.  Summer Recipes in Greece: Which You Must Try  Corfu Do the names “Sofrito” and

    Summer Festivals of 2019

    Summer in Greece is a season of fantastic cultural festivals. There are events to suit every interest and every taste: International and Greek artists participate in festivals of theatre, music, and dance in every corner of the country. Many of the festivals are held in historic surroundings. Seeing a production at an ancient theater like


    Dear Traveler,   Today Greece celebrated Easter Sunday which is the most important religious holiday of the Orthodox Church and a wonderful time to experience some of Greece’s prized traditions. Καλό Πάσχα! (Happy Easter in Greek) This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the “Power of Spring”  and what a glorious effect the light has on awakening both