Slow Cruising Along the East Coast of the Peloponnese 

    Just south of Athens is one of the Mediterranean’s premier sailing destinations - the eastern shores of the Peloponnese and the Saronic Gulf. It makes a fascinating route to explore by boat; culture and beauty will vie for your attention, unless the endless blue of the Aegean and the skies above capture you entirely.  The

    The Dormition of the Virgin – the 15th of August in Greece

    The Dormition of the Virgin Mary, a holiday that is observed only by the most devout Christians in much of the western world, holds in Greece a significance on par with that of Easter and Christmas. It is the festive climax of summer, the season’s quintessential peak. If your Greek holiday coincides with the 15th

    Tragedy – the Role and Teachings of Ancient Greek Tragedy

    The Greek Tragedy is truly one of the foundations of Western culture, an inspiration for centuries of great dramatic works. Specific famous works address and explore the fundamental questions and struggles of human existence, remaining as such as relevant to the contemporary spirit as they were when first performed. Here following are some famous dramatists


    Dear Traveler,   We often hear stories of some faraway land,  filled with long journeys, brave heroes, mighty knights, and mischievous pirates. In Greece, all these magical stories come alive. As we travel through the realms of our imagination we are invited to explore the timeless history of this inspiring and diverse country, blessed with

    Ancient Greek Comedy – the Role and Teachings of Comedy

    Of the many fundamental contributions of Ancient Greece to western culture is the birth of theater. Between tragedy and comedy, ancient Greek theater expresses the fullness of the human experience, allowing the audience to vicariously experience emotions of dramatic depth, and also to lighten the soul through merriment. It was a complement to life that

    Kastellorizo – A Dreamy Destination in the Eastern Dodecanese

    Proud, remote Kastellorizo, the smallest of the Dodecanese, is - together with its surrounding islets, the easternmost inhabited frontier of the Greek Aegean, lying less than three kilometers from the shores of Asia Minor. Rich in culture, history, and beauty, it is a marvelous destination.  Ancient Megisti It wasn’t always called Kastellorizo; in fact, Megisti

    Chalki – The Authentic Dodecanese Experience

    Many visitors to Greece, particularly first-time visitors - are lured by the magnetic pull of the most famous of the islands, like Santorini, Mykonos, and, in the Dodecanese, Rhodes. The hype is completely justified - these blockbuster islands truly deliver. But with so many other visitors circulating, the low-key, authentic charms of Greek Island life


    Dear Traveler,   June is the perfect time to slow down and recharge your energy for the rest of the year. As we shift towards the Solstice and the start of the season, there is a sense of freedom in allowing and embracing change. In this month’s newsletter “Seas the Day” we introduce you to the fascinating

    The Ionian – a Dream Destination for Culture and Beauty

    The Ionian Sea, bathing the western coast of Greece, is one of the finest destinations of all the Mediterranean, uniting pristine waters with lush green islands, high culture and low-key authentic island lifestyle, beautiful beaches and top cuisine. Here’s a closer look at this fabulous region of Greece. The Ionian Sea in Mythology The Ionian

    The Aegean – History, Myth, and a Glorious Present

    Nothing conjures the eternal soul of Greece like the Aegean, the sea to the east of mainland Greece, where most of the famous islands are located. Sailing the Aegean is one of the most cherished items on the wish list of many, and the shores of the Aegean are dotted with remarkable monuments. The Aegean