YIA MAS – our favorite Greek drinks

    The traditional drinks of Greece are famous all over the world - Ouzo and Retsina particularly.  But how well known are they really? They feature exotic flavors less familiar outside the region, like the anise of ouzo. And resin - an extremely unusual flavor - gives retsina its characteristic crispness and mysterious pine-like essence. Each


    Dear Traveler, Let’s salute the last month of the year, a year that has been both rewarding and inspirational. As we reflect on the subjects we have touched upon on our blog in 2019, the stories told have been many and diverse. For our last newsletter of the year, we have decided to shine the

    Discovering the Mycenaean Trail

    Exploring the trail of the Mycenaeans is a fascinating way to discover in depth one of Greece’s most fascinating civilizations. It’s also a wonderful way to experience the beauty of some of Greece’s most stunning natural settings. The Mycenaeans - a Glorious Bronze Age Culture of Greece The Mycenaeans, who flourished during the last phase

    Greece’s Traditional Foods – History on a Plate

    Greece’s glorious cuisine is beloved throughout the world. Besides being so delicious, it is inventive, richly varied, and - above all - honest. Greek cuisine relies on the seasons and on the best local ingredients. It is a true expression of place and time, nature and season. Greek cuisine is also an expression of necessity

    How Greece became the word for Luxury Travel

    Imagine a private dinner on an islet in Caldera Bay facing Santorini on the porch of a luxury hideaway accompanied by the sounds of a live jazz band. Or staying in a minimal chic wine depo turned hotel overlooking the ocean in the Peloponnese? Perhaps you have fantasised staying in a five star hotel that looks out over one

    Ancestry Trips – Discovering Greek Heritage

    The Greeks have always been adventurous people. Since ancient times, Greece has spread its culture through emigration. There have been famous Greek colonies throughout the region. In the west, there is southern Italy, where even today there are villages in Calabria where a Greek dialect is spoken by the locals. To the south, Alexandria in


    Dear Traveler,   «Καλό μήνα» (Kalo Mina). Let’s welcome November, a month filled with gratitude and beautiful moments. The crowds in Greece have thinned out, the sun is shining and the air is crisp. Fall is a wonderful time to explore the unexplored Greece, as every season brings unique happenings. In our “Out of the box

    October 28th- “Ochi” Day

    One of the proudest National Holidays of Greece has an unusual name. It usually goes by that date, but it is also called “Ochi” day - “No.”  The history of October 28th and the celebrations surrounding the holiday offer a precious glimpse into the Greek soul.  Greek culture is famous worldwide for its hospitality, for


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