Secrets of the Saronic Islands, Part II

    It’s marvelous how each of the islands in this rather small chain has such a unique character. While Hydra and Spetses may be the best known, the charmingly lower-profile Aegina and Poros offer their own special charms, all the more delightful for being lesser-known. Aegina Less than an hour from Piraeus, and with several boats

    Secrets of the Saronic Islands, Part I

    Hydra and Spetses are two of Greece’s most elite destinations. These islands have substance, each having played a tremendous role in the War of Independence, and in the case of Hydra as a center for the arts. Both islands share another wonderful trait- they are car-free, adding immeasurably to a sense of serenity. Hydra- An

    More Marvelous Islands of the Dodecanese

    Here we are again with a look at some unique and lesser known destinations in the Dodecanese, ideal for the traveler seeking a special experience. This island chain boasts enormous biodiversity, an array of architecture styles, a bold naval history, and a choice of magnificent natural settings. Nisyros Did you know that Greece has an

    The Dodecanese Islands – Beautiful, Quiet Destinations for Unwinding

    The Dodecanese island group features some very high-profile destinations, Rhodes and Kos for instance. While these islands offer a great deal to the visitor, they are also the best known.  For a more personal experience of the charms of the Dodecanese, these quieter destinations offer an appealing alternative. Patmos - Faith and Wonder Long a

    Windmills and Watermills in Greece – History, Beauty, Sustainability

    As renewable energy sources are something many of us are thinking about more and more, we can turn to the example of the wisdom and technology of Ancient Greece. Here in the Mediterranean, the powers of the famously brisk Aegean winds and the flowing waters of Greece’s many rivers have been harnessed for millennia. Wind

    Inspiring under the radar actions in wonderful under the radar places

    As the talk of where to go in Greece this summer starts warming up, we are thinking more and more of out-of-the-radar places where we can connect with nature. Here are some destinations offering unique experiences, places who take care of their natural environment and who have initiatives worthy of support. Sustainability and Substance -

    Greece in Full Color – Rare, Lovely Flora

    In spring and early summer, Greece’s meadows are ablaze with color, and on the mountain slopes for even longer. And early autumn has its own famously fragrant bloom. Greece is a paradise of rare flora; some special species of plant are even endemic to a specific small area, unique and a pleasure to behold. Paeonia

    The Rare Fauna of Greece

    Greece is a haven for rare fauna, protected by public and private organizations. Here are some of the magical species that make up Greece’s unusually rich biodiversity. The Caretta Caretta of Zakynthos Also known as the loggerhead sea turtle, this magnificent animal is among the most legendary. With average sized caretta caretta reaching nearly a

    Greece’s Most Famous Vegetarian Dishes

    Greece’s vegetarian cuisine is every bit as memorable as the crisp fried calamari, the savory moussaka, and the grilled lamb, and in some cases, it’s also even more famous. These iconic Greek dishes tell the story of Greece’s culture. They reveal both the bounty of the land, and also the spirit of the people, never

    Easter Foods Throughout Greece

    Easter in Greece is the most important religious holiday of the year, a time of anticipation and festivity such as many other places reserve for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. This being Greece, food of course is central to the celebrations. But Greece is a devout country, and Easter is preceded by the Lenten