Easter – A Wonderful Time to Experience Greece

    Truly, no country celebrates Easter with such elaborate customs and festivities as Greece does. And Greece, in turn, is never lovelier than it is at Easter, an ideal time to visit. Why Easter is A Wonderful Time to Experience Greece    Don’t wait for Summer At Easter, the days are warm – you could even


    Dear Traveler,   As we welcome the month of February we are drawn closer to thinking about your travel plans. For you the traveler who wants an exclusive experience, a less traveled path and a mindful journey, we’ve put down some exceptional ideas.   In our “ 2019 Predictions” Issue we introduce you to the oldest oracles

    Our Old and New Favorite Destinations in Greece

    When thinking of your next Greek destination, consider some of our favorites. These hand-picked destinations are full of natural and cultural attractions and gastronomic pleasures. What makes them all the more charming is the fact that they are lesser known to the majority of travelers, and offer therefore an unspoiled – and more exclusive and

    Most important oracles of the ancient world

    In Ancient Greece, decisions of any significance were guided by a mystical hand of divine origin. An oracle- a word derived from the Latin verb “orare” (to speak)- was in fact a person, priest or a priestess. It was thought that the very Gods themselves spoke through the mouths of these oracles. Different Gods spoke

    A Greek Travel Wish-List 2019

    It’s so exciting as New Year’s approaches to think of the year ahead, empty pages of a calendar still to be filled with experiences we can’t yet imagine. Nothing enriches life and creates memories like travel. In Greece, there are so many diverse destinations: you can fulfill a travel dream or pursue an interest in

    What makes Greek Christmas Special

    The Holidays in Greece are marked with some special and specific traditions that are uniquely, beautifully Greek- special decorations, traditional dishes, old customs, and even a mischievous twist on the Christmas elf. We’ve rounded up what makes Greek Christmas special.


    Dear Traveler, December is all about reflections, looking back at your 2018 journey and preparing yourself for 2019. It is a wonderful time of year to be surrounded by family and friends. These are the times that are best enjoyed over a meal — or traveling together to discover renowned cuisines and cultures. Our Greece’s Culinary

    Greece’s wealth of Fungi: the mushrooms and truffles

    Greece has a wonderful variety of mushrooms, and in more recent years has become a prime spot for cultivation of high quality truffles. It has also been found to be prime ground for hinting wild ones. Of course, regions favorable to the cultivation of truffles and mushrooms abound in other delights- mountain air, forests, rich

    Tsipouro: Tyrnavos, Mount Olympus, Vergina & Dion sites

    After the olives harvested and pressed for oil, and the grapes picked and pressed for wine, a treasured third fall ritual takes place — the making of Tsipouro. This aromatic strong spirit is made of the marc- the skins and seeds and pulp- leftover from pressing the grapes for wine. The marc is distilled, and