Dear Traveler, At Fly Me To The Moon we strongly believe in the beauty of giving.   Our core values set the foundation of our company’s culture and our true purpose lies in positively impacting the lives of others through all interactions.   Greece -  a country we are so very proud and fortunate to call our

    Giving Back:Conscientiousness and Travel in Greece

    What travelers usually treasure the most from their visits to Greece - as dazzling as the Aegean and inspiring as the antiquities may be - so very often ends up being the people and culture that they encounter. At the heart of that culture is generosity.  As a boutique travel designer specializing in custom experiences

    Giving Back: Awareness-Based Greek Travel and Organisations Making a Positive Impact

    Travel in Greece is so conducive to inspiring mindfulness. Here, in the pristine landscapes, engaging with the warmth and genuineness of the Mediterranean character, one feels a renewed sense of connection - with others, with the earth, with the flora and fauna. It engenders both a sense of spiritual well-being, and a desire to connect

    The 25th of March Celebrations in Greece – History, Customs, and Places to Celebrate

    Greece is now celebrating just over 200 years as a free and independent modern nation. The date that is commemorated is March 25th, 1821. This is the day that the revolution was officially declared. By popular account, this was at the Monastery of Agios Lavras, near mountainous Kalavryta of the Peloponnese, by metropolitan Germanos of

    A Pre-Season Break in Greece – Clean Monday and the Beginning of Spring

    What a wonderful season to visit Greece - in early spring, just as the land wakes up from its winter sleep. The landscape is lush and vibrant with fresh green, and the trees in fragrant blossom, also in the city streets. Clean Monday is the day that Greeks start to think that Spring is finally

    FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL – Newsletter Volume 71

    Dear Traveler, As we enter spring, we celebrate a time of rebirth and revival, which is a gateway to new possibilities. Almost every culture has its own unique ritual to celebrate the promise and fertility of spring. Ancient Greeks had their own secret religious rites which were performed for the cult of Demeter and Persephone

    Greek Boats: The History of Greece’s Seafaring Heritage

    Greece’s rich seafaring heritage is second to none. Ships have been an essential component of the identity and history of Greece since the Age of Myths. Helen of Troy, for instance, is referred to as having a “face that launched 1000 ships” in reference to the Trojan war. But it is not just in war

    The Windmills of the Aegean Islands

    The Greek Islands are famous for many reasons, but two characteristics stand out in particular- the purity of the beautiful vernacular architecture in pristine white against the clear blue Aegean skies, and the brisk and cleansing winds that sweep over the islands. Our story today is a little about both. The Meltemi The winds of

    FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL – Newsletter Volume 70

    Dear Traveler, As we slowly move into February, a month dedicated to celebrating love, we are inspired to share our greatest love and adoration for our home country, Greece.   Apart from being a wonderful destination for beach holidays, Greece is in fact a haven for culture lovers.   In fact, culture is the soul of almost every

    The Art of Stone Crafting in Greece

    While Greece is perhaps more famous for its endless coastlines and glorious islands, this Mediterranean country is also a fantastic mountainous destination. It is, for the most part, in the interior of the country that one finds the best examples of traditional stone crafting. In many cases, this excellent stone work is a defining feature