The Treasures of the Greek Earth – Ground and Underground

    Anyone who has been to Greece knows the beauty of the landscape and of the seas. Beneath the surface, the country is equally rich in beauty, the source of beautiful marbles as well as minerals that have contributed to the wealth and culture of the country. The Marble Quarries of Ancient Greece – Paros, Thassos,

    Greek Autumn Delights at Sea and on Land

    After the summer rush, when the great heat starts to wane and the light softens, Greece is at its most pleasurable. Here are some of our favorite excursions to make the most of this fleeting and beautiful season. Yachting in the Aegean The very words conjure up images of deep blue seas, rocky islands in

    FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 89

    Dear Traveler, As the sun-kissed days of summer make way for the golden embrace of autumn, Greece reveals a different, yet equally captivating, side of its rich cultural tapestry. September gracefully transitions into October, and with it, a whole new world of experiences awaits those who venture to this extraordinary destination. Autumn in Greece is

    September Favorites – Harvest Festivals and Religious Festivals

    Late summer is one of the most special times to experience Greece. There are the great religious observances of September, celebrating the Holy Cross. There is also the grape harvest, steeped in many centuries of tradition. Festivities accompany both, making September a wonderful time to get a taste of true Greek traditional life and culture.

    FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 88

    Dear Traveler, As the calendar pages turn to September, we bid farewell to the lazy, hazy days of summer and embrace the promise of a new season. This month marks a delightful transition, where the sun-drenched memories of beach vacations blend seamlessly with the anticipation of crisp autumn adventures. And what better way to welcome

    Secrets of the Saronic Islands, Part II

    It’s marvelous how each of the islands in this rather small chain has such a unique character. While Hydra and Spetses may be the best known, the charmingly lower-profile Aegina and Poros offer their own special charms, all the more delightful for being lesser-known. Aegina Less than an hour from Piraeus, and with several boats

    Secrets of the Saronic Islands, Part I

    Hydra and Spetses are two of Greece’s most elite destinations. These islands have substance, each having played a tremendous role in the War of Independence, and in the case of Hydra as a center for the arts. Both islands share another wonderful trait- they are car-free, adding immeasurably to a sense of serenity. Hydra- An

    FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 87

    Dear Traveler, As we welcome Leo season, the month of August is a time of outdoor fun and pursuing activities that truly make your heart sing – those kinds of moments that bring out your inner child to play. In this month’s newsletter “Off beaten places – off beaten time”, we explore the concept of

    More Marvelous Islands of the Dodecanese

    Here we are again with a look at some unique and lesser known destinations in the Dodecanese, ideal for the traveler seeking a special experience. This island chain boasts enormous biodiversity, an array of architecture styles, a bold naval history, and a choice of magnificent natural settings. Nisyros Did you know that Greece has an

    The Dodecanese Islands – Beautiful, Quiet Destinations for Unwinding

    The Dodecanese island group features some very high-profile destinations, Rhodes and Kos for instance. While these islands offer a great deal to the visitor, they are also the best known.  For a more personal experience of the charms of the Dodecanese, these quieter destinations offer an appealing alternative. Patmos - Faith and Wonder Long a