Inspiring images that will make you want to discover Greece

    For so many of us, when we dream of travel it is so much more than mere beauty that we are seeking. A silky white beach and turquoise waters of course have their strong appeal, and natural beauty certainly has its role. But the best travel is actually transformative - a holistic experience that unites

    The Greece We Love: An Invitation to Explore Greece in 2021

    As we welcomed the New Year, we embraced the opportunity to start from a blank page, write a new chapter, and most importantly start afresh. Every new day gifts us with the unique opportunity to be optimistic and grateful, something that none of us should ever take for granted. This season of hope brings along

    XO PRIVATE, an interview by Yvan Vermeesch

    The XO Private Founder, Yvan Vermeesch, sits down for the exclusive interview series with Elena Papanicolaou. Elena left behind a corporate career in the chemical sector, to unleash her passion and is now the proud Founder of Fly Me To The Moon. Fly Me To The Moon is a Greek DMC, specialising in meaningful luxury experiences


    Dear Traveler, Καλό μήνα! As we welcome August, one of the hottest months of the year, we are always inspired to bring you refreshing content for every season. Greece is a country which is also celebrated for its plethora of outdoor activities - regardless the time of year, there is plenty of choice for all


    Dear Traveler, At Fly Me To The Moon we are committed to brining you the most inspiring and rewarding experiences.   We believe that now more than ever it is important to connect with nature, to reflect, slow down and to appreciate the beautiful world around us.  Greece offers endless possibilities, to do that and

    Greek Christmas Traditions – a Unique Celebration of the Holidays

    Greece has some unique holiday traditions that set the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s in Greece apart. Here are some of the things that make the Greek holiday season special. The Christmas Boat, Tree, and Nativity Scene Of course, the traditional Christmas Tree is as beloved a decorative symbol of the season as it

    Some of our favorite mountain and coastal villages in Greece

    Much of the true soul of Greece resides in its traditional villages. In traveling through Greece, we can see the tremendous diversity of personality and style reflected in villages of unique character, each reflective of a different aspect of Greece. Be they in the rugged mountains or along the pristine coastlines, these are among our

    Mountain tops and coastal saints: St. Nicolas and Prophet Elias

    One of the greatest glories of Greece is the wealth of beautiful Orthodox churches of every description. Not only do they fill the cities and villages, but you will find them in the most rugged and remote locations all throughout the mainland of the country and the islands. On the highest peaks and in the

    The Island of Crete in Autumn

    Crete is one of Greece’s blockbuster islands. Greece’s largest island, it boasts world-famous archaeological sites, beaches that regularly make the list of Greece's loveliest, enchanting villages, epic world-famous hikes, and an amazing local wine scene. And this is just for starters.  But Crete also has a secret side, and the best time to discover it

    The Land of Epirus: Nature, Gastronomy and Culture

    In the Northwest of Greece, bordering the jewel-toned waters of the Ionian sea, is a land of lakes and mountains, gorges and beaches - plus culture, cuisine, wines, and ancient sites. Welcome to Epirus, one of the best kept travel secrets of Greece. Epirus is a beloved destination for Greek travelers in all seasons. Fall