Summer Festivals of 2019

    Summer in Greece is a season of fantastic cultural festivals. There are events to suit every interest and every taste: International and Greek artists participate in festivals of theatre, music, and dance in every corner of the country. Many of the festivals are held in historic surroundings. Seeing a production at an ancient theater like


    Dear Traveler,   Today Greece celebrated Easter Sunday which is the most important religious holiday of the Orthodox Church and a wonderful time to experience some of Greece’s prized traditions. Καλό Πάσχα! (Happy Easter in Greek) This month’s newsletter is dedicated to the “Power of Spring”  and what a glorious effect the light has on awakening both

    Corporate – Detoxing Retreat in Mani

    The best kind of corporate retreat leaves your team relaxed, refreshed and inspired. The purity of the landscape of Greece ensures a truly transformative corporate detox retreat for your team. Mani, the Peloponnese’s remote and rugged southern tip, offers elemental nature, pristine vistas, cultural wealth, and casual refinement - everything you need to slow down and

    Discover Crete Without The Crowds

    Crete, Greece’s largest island, has a culture entirely its own. The authentic cuisine is exotic and unique, the music is some of Greece’s most stirring folk music - never will you hear the lyre played like it is played in the mountains of Crete - and the people are known for their exceptional bravery and

    The Return of Life in Spring: the Myth of Demeter and Persephone

    One beautiful day, Persephone - the daughter of Demeter and Zeus - was strolling in a meadow of flowers. Suddenly, the earth opened up, and Hades - God of the Underworld - seized the maiden, and brought her back to the underworld to be his bride. Her mother’s search for her, the subsequent devastation she


    Dear Traveler, We are always excited to bring you remarkable stories — the ones deeply rooted in our fascinating culture and history. The stories that have been passed down through generations mixed with the diversity of our land and its people. In this month’s newsletter we highlight the importance of celebrations. One of the main types of

    Reviving Ancient Theatres in Greece

    When people with vision, enthusiasm, dedication and passion come together, remarkable things happen — Diazoma is the result of such a profound formula. Founded in Athens in 2008, Diazoma is a movement of people who share the same passion for the Greek cultural heritage and their mission is to protect, restore and promote monuments such

    Private Island Corporate Retreat in Greece

    The laid-back atmosphere and profound natural beauty of the Greek islands has inspired many travelers to seek ultimate holiday experiences in Greece. When it comes to business travel, a private island corporate retreat in Greece provides the ideal surroundings and conditions for successfully combining business with pleasure.  Private Island Corporate Retreat in Greece crafted to


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    The Panigiraki of Arachova: Reliving Traditions with Ancient Roots

    Wherever you go in Greece, there will not be just one story, but several. This is such an ancient country, and its history has many layers. The Panigiraki - the feast day of Agios Giorgos- in Arachova, is just such a story.  The Panigiraki of Arachova: Reliving Traditions with Ancient Roots  Village Feast Days Greece