Dear Traveler, December is all about reflections, looking back at your 2018 journey and preparing yourself for 2019. It is a wonderful time of year to be surrounded by family and friends. These are the times that are best enjoyed over a meal — or traveling together to discover renowned cuisines and cultures. Our Greece’s Culinary

    Greece’s wealth of Fungi: the mushrooms and truffles

    Greece has a wonderful variety of mushrooms, and in more recent years has become a prime spot for cultivation of high quality truffles. It has also been found to be prime ground for hinting wild ones. Of course, regions favorable to the cultivation of truffles and mushrooms abound in other delights- mountain air, forests, rich

    Tsipouro: Tyrnavos, Mount Olympus, Vergina & Dion sites

    After the olives harvested and pressed for oil, and the grapes picked and pressed for wine, a treasured third fall ritual takes place — the making of Tsipouro. This aromatic strong spirit is made of the marc- the skins and seeds and pulp- leftover from pressing the grapes for wine. The marc is distilled, and

    Kozani’s Fragrant Treasure: The Saffron of Kozani

    The saffron of Kozani counts among the highest quality saffrons of the world. But here, it’s not called saffron, but rather “crocus”- for the flower that produces it. And the crocus, in turn, is named for the mortal Crocus, who in Greek Mythology was turned into a flower by the gods- either by Hermes who

    Chestnuts: Greece’s Autumn Treasure

    Come autumn, Greece’s country roads and sometimes even its city streets are strewn with spike-covered balls. Some split open to reveal a glistening brown chestnut. You’ll be tempted to gather them, but wear gloves if you do – their spikes are needle sharp. An excursion to celebrate their season brings many other pleasures with it.


    Dear Traveler,   Autumn is the perfect time to nourish the body and warm the soul. This season is all about that — infusing the fall ingredients in your everyday life, which will leave you rejuvenated, inspired and feeling awesome.   In our Autumn recipes for Body & Soul Issue we embark on a journey to one

    The Artistic Side of Nafplio and its deep Cultural Roots

    Nafplio, in the Peloponnese is arranged beautifully on the Argolic Gulf.  One of Greece’s most romantic cities, where centuries of history intertwined in an unusually dramatic natural setting, providing the rich backdrop for a vibrant local cultural scene — art, design, and plenty of quality places for a fine meal or a relaxing glass of

    A Holistic Retreat for Total Well-Being in the Peloponnese

    Imagine having a holiday from which you return not just relaxed and recharged, nor merely culturally enriched, but substantially, profoundly transformed- body and soul.

    The Pleasures of the Mt. Parnassos Region

    A mountain paradise rises just north of the Gulf of Corinth. A favorite weekend destination of the Athenians, the Mt. Parnassos Region is blessed with a unique character and breathtaking natural beauty. Here are the pleasures of the Mt. Parnassos Region which we believe you absolutely must experience. 

    Dimitria: A Thessaloniki City Break

    Fall is Thessaloniki’s best season. The light is more golden and the sunsets are more dramatic, the afternoons are still warm and there is a crispness in the air.  It’s the best weather to enjoy all the city’s best features, and also the best season culturally — Each October is the Dimitria- Thessaloniki’s celebration of