Gorge Hiking in Crete

    This is a wonderful season for hikers. The famously balmy temperatures of Crete are tempered with invigorating crispness. And the crowds of the high season have thinned out. This is the time to really get to know the Cretans, and the delights of their landscape. When people think of the Greek Islands, including Crete, it

    Athens Democracy Forum in Costa Navarino 11-13 October

    The Annual Athens Democracy Forum is an exciting event - through engaging panels and discourse, the forum seeks to examine ways to strengthen democracy and to assess the challenges it faces in an era of global change. Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Athens Democracy Forum of 2019 is the Spirituality and Democracy Weekend.


    Dear Traveler,   As the season changes and we welcome new chapters in our life, it is time for new experiences and adventures! This is where we come in, to inspire you with our stories and to pave a way for new, exciting and rewarding travel experiences.   In our “New Season Welcomes Glorious Experiences” issue we


    Dear Traveler, Let’s welcome September and embrace the closing of one season and celebrate the opening of another one. But the warm days of summer do not have to end here as there are still plenty of reasons to visit Greece. Every month of the year holds its own unique offerings and September is no

    Exploring Andros Routes: 5-20 October 2019

    The second Andros on Foot festival will take place in October. It’s the perfect occasion, and the ideal season, to explore this fantastic island. Exploring Andros Routes: 5-20 October 2019 Getting to Know Andros This northernmost island of the Cyclades, and the second largest (behind Naxos), has a discreetly aristocratic atmosphere. This is thanks to

    Solo Travel in Greece in September

    Solo travel is wonderful and deeply rewarding- well worth experiencing. It provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with oneself, away from the obligations and associations of daily life. It can be an almost meditative experience. But it need not be a lonely experience- if you are feeling sociable, solo travel is an excellent way to

    A Taste of Athens – the Ideal Cosmopolitan September City Break

    Athens is fantastic in September. The beautiful capital has the sweet sunshine of summer, combined with the energy and excitement of fall. It’s the ideal time to visit. As the warm weather lingers, the cultural scene is in full swing, with all kinds of exciting exhibitions and events.   A Taste of Athens: A Gastronomic

    Zagori: The Ideal Last Moment of Summer Escape

    The stunning islands and beaches of Greece get most of the attention. But the truth is, even without them Greece would still be one of Europe’s loveliest countries. Anyone who visits one of the gorgeous mountain ranges in the late summer would quickly be convinced. Greece’s beauties are truly endless. Of the finest mountain ranges

    Last Moment Summer Escape: Attica

    Even as the calendar announces the approach of autumn, there’s still plenty of summer left to be had in Greece. A trip to Attica can provide an ideal last moment summer escape. Attica, the region around Greece’s glorious capital city, has every type of diversion one could desire. Whether it’s history and ancient archaeology you

    International Lighthouse Day: The Glorious Lighthouses of Greece

    Greece is a land that boasts millennia of seafaring mastery, over 6,000 islands, and many seas. This is a land that has a name for every wind, and stories and lore to go with them. In Greece, mythology, history, and identity are inextricably bound up with her endless seas.  Keeping centuries of seafarers safe, guiding