May 2023 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

Greece in Full Color – Rare, Lovely Flora

In spring and early summer, Greece’s meadows are ablaze with color, and on the mountain slopes for even longer. And early autumn has its own famously fragrant bloom. Greece is a paradise of rare flora; some special species of plant are even endemic to a specific small area, unique and a pleasure to behold. Paeonia

The Rare Fauna of Greece

Greece is a haven for rare fauna, protected by public and private organizations. Here are some of the magical species that make up Greece’s unusually rich biodiversity. The Caretta Caretta of Zakynthos Also known as the loggerhead sea turtle, this magnificent animal is among the most legendary. With average sized caretta caretta reaching nearly a

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 84

Dear Traveler, May is the month that officially marks the end of spring, and as the summer approaches, we are excited to talk about one of the most defining aspects of Greek culture – food, of course!   Food is vital to Greece’s cultural identity – over the centuries it helped to bring people together,