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Greece’s Most Famous Vegetarian Dishes

Greece’s vegetarian cuisine is every bit as memorable as the crisp fried calamari, the savory moussaka, and the grilled lamb, and in some cases, it’s also even more famous. These iconic Greek dishes tell the story of Greece’s culture. They reveal both the bounty of the land, and also the spirit of the people, never

Easter Foods Throughout Greece

Easter in Greece is the most important religious holiday of the year, a time of anticipation and festivity such as many other places reserve for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. This being Greece, food of course is central to the celebrations. But Greece is a devout country, and Easter is preceded by the Lenten


Dear Traveler, Did you know that the ancient Greeks were powerful storytellers? Since antiquity, compelling stories have allowed us to make sense of the world and use our imagination. Ancient theatre was an integral part of Greek culture. Ancient civilizations used myths of gods and heroes to pass stories on to any willing audience. Great