Dear Traveler,
Did you know that the ancient Greeks were powerful storytellers?
Since antiquity, compelling stories have allowed us to make sense of the world and use our imagination. Ancient theatre was an integral part of Greek culture. Ancient civilizations used myths of gods and heroes to pass stories on to any willing audience. Great stories told by heroic men inspired and moved people.


In our Powerful Storytelling issue, we look at two famous landmarks, each with its own unique story that withstood the test of time. We shed light on a fascinating history of how the Corinth Canal came to be – a dark prophecy that led to numerous setbacks for centuries until the successful completion of this modern-era dream to connect the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf.


Everyone’s dream destination Santorini is famed for the glorious Akrotiri – Greece’s version of Pompeii. This cultural wonder takes us on a magical journey through a vibrant lens of myth, story, and imagination. Get a glimpse into a life of opulence and beauty – and just imagine how advanced and sophisticated the people of Ancient Akrotiri were.


Are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey and connect with the multilayers of history on your next Greek odyssey?
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Elena Papanicolaou


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