Dear Traveler,


As the season has changed and we welcome November, we are reminded that life is a beautiful challenge. With every season comes a new opportunity to savor all of life’s greatest gifts that should never stop to astonish us.


In our Autumn Escapes issue we invite you on a magical journey to some of Greece’s most spectacular corners. To travel the paths less explored with optimism to keep looking forward and moving ahead.


The land of Epirus, in Northwest of Greece is rich in nature, gastronomy and culture. With its glorious mountain peaks, hiking opportunities, many facets of history and a dazzling coastline — it is truly a place one must experience in their lifetime.


We also invite you to discover another side of one of Greece’s best islands – Crete. In fact the best time to discover it is in the shoulder seasons. The temperatures of this balmy southern isle are never too cold, and the autumn and spring are long, with plenty of sunny afternoons and even beach days – perfect for those who find the intense heat of summer tiring. This is the best weather to see a lot, and do a lot.


We hope that you enjoy reading our blog and dream of planning your new adventures in Greece soon. Until then we wish you all a month full of serenity, courage, strength and optimism.

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou