Dear Traveler,

As we face a season of great challenge, it is in times like these that we must remember the circle of life. Everything in this world exists in a delicate balance and as such we must accept both the highs and lows of life. In order to embrace life fully we must accept the experiences and lessons that we are faced with today. In order to grow into our full potential we must leave our comfort zones and understand that regardless of our positions and possessions, we are all in this together.

After the rain comes the sun, and after darkness there is light – and this is a circle of life. We are now optimistic that we will soon get to travel again…but this time around we will appreciate it more, we will seek greater understanding of the places we visit and the people we meet. We will be more curious, compassionate and appreciative of the gift that travel brings into our lives.

In this issue of “The Circle of Life” we invite you on a sustainable journey of connecting with nature, where you get to experience two worlds, equally beautiful – the mountains and the coast. We introduce you to villages that are absolutely unique in their character, tradition and architecture. We also explore the history of the saints that rule the mountainous and the coastal areas of Greece.

As we sit at home and reminisce of the great adventures we once had… remember that this day will come again, when you can gather your loved ones and your friends to create new, and even greater memories. But while we sit at home, nature too has an opportunity to renew its resources, to take a breath and regain its strength. There must be balance and respect towards everyone that roams this planet, no matter how big or small they are. 

This is why we believe that it is wise to collect memories and not things, and thus we invite you to gift yourselves and your loved ones with the experience of discovering Greece.. at a slower pace… always with respect to the environment.

And when the stormy seas will turn to calm waters… we will be here, waiting for you!  Until then stay safe, healthy and optimistic.

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou