Dear Traveler,

As the sweet smell of summer fills the air, we are excited to welcome our guests and take them on a whimsical adventure to the hidden corners of Greece.


One of the delightful pleasures of a Greek holiday is that your trip can be both enriching in knowledge and equally beneficial for the body and soul. A Greek holiday experience that promises a profound moment of discovering something new.


In our Summer of Culture issue, we introduce you to the fascinating archaeological sites which are somewhat off the radar yet are an integral part of the history of the well-known Greek destinations. In our dedicated blog post, we introduce you to some of the many sites and experiences vying for the attention of the cultured traveler.


A cultural holiday experience cannot be complete without immersing yourself in the depths of Greek theatre, music and arts. The prestigious Athens and Epidaurus Festival promises another summer of extraordinary performances that connect the audience with the power of ancient drama and the soul of the ancient world like nothing else – truly a life experience.


Spectacular venues enriched by the magic of centuries are just a few of the reasons why we encourage you to visit Greece this summer.


Your exceptional Greek holiday experience is only a click away.

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou