Dear Traveler,

As we slowly move into February, a month dedicated to celebrating love, we are inspired to share our greatest love and adoration for our home country, Greece.  

Apart from being a wonderful destination for beach holidays, Greece is in fact a haven for culture lovers.  

In fact, culture is the soul of almost every destination in Greece that has empowered generations of craftsmen to create some of the most remarkable works of art that have withstood the test time.  

In our “Cultural tales” issue we shed light on several notable, yet lesser-known museums that are found in some of the most inspiring locations across Greece. These hidden gems are brimming with spectacular artifacts that have been accumulated over centuries, narrating a remarkable story of the destination they are deeply rooted in. 

While the world-famous Greek islands are admired for the white-washed cube houses and blue-domed roofs and windows – for those who have traveled inland and right into the heart of the mountains, would have come across the elegant stone houses that dot some of the lushest landscapes in Greece.

Greece is a country of many contracts and we invite you to discover it for yourselves.  

Are you ready to explore beyond the known?  

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou

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