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As we enter spring, we celebrate a time of rebirth and revival, which is a gateway to new possibilities. Almost every culture has its own unique ritual to celebrate the promise and fertility of spring. Ancient Greeks had their own secret religious rites which were performed for the cult of Demeter and Persephone in Eleusis.
Nowadays, the significance of seasons has slowly begun to fade as our modern conveniences dominate our lives. Our ancestors, however, greatly relied on their intimate connection with the earth and its precious resources.
In our “Power of the Wind” issue, we share stories of how for centuries the inhabitants of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese have been harnessing the power of the wind. How the pretty trademark windmills that dot the popular Greek islands today and are used as backdrops of mesmerizing summer snapshots – were once a vital part of the local economy and greatly contributed to the food supply.

The wind was equally vital in the success of the seafaring journeys that helped to shape the history of Greece over the millennia. In our post, we look at how Greek ship makers have excelled throughout history at smaller craft, from fishing boats that are both seaworthy and picturesque through fine examples of luxury craftsmanship in the building of sailboats and yachts.
We invite you to enjoy a unique Greek sailing experience on your next holiday and to experience the magic of the Greek seas.

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