Greece’s Shades of Blue

Greece’s blues catch your eye, alluring and untamed, teasing your senses as you get lost in their miraculous contrasts. Greek blues encompass the bold stripes on the flag, a sparkling azure sea, the magnificent sky, to the rooftops and windows of whitewashed houses on the islands and much more.

Greece’s Shades of Blue: Rich, deep and endless 

You can gain much from your trip to Greece by simply letting it show you the way: walk it, explore it, taste it, live it and feel it.  Let us guide you through Greece’s shades of blue.

Greek Blue Skies

In the Odyssey, Homer famously describes the wine-dark sea and there was no mentions of deep-blue or green. The ancient Greeks would describe color by whether it was light or dark rather than a hue. In Egypt, blue was associated with the sky and with divinity. Apparently, the color blue was introduced later on through the centuries.

Blue was also the color which protected from the evil and still today people around the Mediterranean wear a blue amulet or mati, representing the eye of God, to protect them from misfortune.

To learn more about the evil eye, read our previous story The Evil Eye in Greece. Perhaps the blue sky is the most precious gift given to Greece by the ancient Greek gods?

Greek seas 

There is perhaps no better way to experience the color contrasts of the Greek seas than by sailing in the Aegean or the Ioanian seas.

Greece is amazing when toured on land but by the sea it is simply spectacular. To ensure you have a once in a lifetime experience, luxury sailing yachts are available for excursions and are ideal for relaxing and island-hopping.

And then there are sunsets — Mother Nature’s way of showing off its power with the dramatic hues of orange, pink, red and yellow which take over the sky as you take the best seat in the house, or a deck of a private yacht.

Out of this world beaches 

Greece is blessed with a magnificent coastline of beaches, ranking as the eleventh longest coastline in the world and the second among the 47 countries on the 2017 Blue Flag quality award list.

There are 486 beaches in Greece which have been awarded a Blue Flag for the cleanliness and safety of its waters and facilities. Get ready to experience the most heavenly shades of blue.

Blue domes  

The blue domed churches with white crosses and glistening bell towers is a classic postcard shot and an image which makes your imagination instantly travel to Greece.

Blue is a color which signifies the sky and the sea but also represent the colors of the Greek flag.

Blue doors and windows 

When scanning the landscape of the Cyclades islands you will notice the white houses with blue doors and windows.

The houses were painted white to keep the homes cool as the white reflects the sun. What was once a matter of expediency has today become a paradigm of aesthetics. Also, the door and windows would be painted according to the home owner’s profession. For example, the blue was used for the sailors homes.

Blue boats 

Greeks have long been sailors and were known to be among the best in the Mediterranean Sea. They would use boats to fish, trade and to commute.

Most of the Greek wooden boats or caïque were painted in vibrant colors of blue, red and green.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about Greece’s Shades of Blue. What’s your most memorable vision of Greece’s blue?