July 2017 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel


Dear Traveler, We hope that your summer has been magical so far and filled with rich experiences. The beauty of travel is that it is almost always unexpected, in the sense that the most inspiring, personal, funny and human stories happen on the road. These stories make up our memories for years to come. With

Dassios art and fashion: A blend of travels, senses and heritage

Dimitris Dassios is one of the most prominent Greek fashion designers. His unique collections can be found in some of the most exclusive fashion boutiques around the world. Since 2005, Dassios has presented his dazzling collections twice a year at the prestigious fashion fairs WHITE and TRANOI, held in the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris

Greece’s Shades of Blue

Greece’s blues catch your eye, alluring and untamed, teasing your senses as you get lost in their miraculous contrasts. Greek blues encompass the bold stripes on the flag, a sparkling azure sea, the magnificent sky, to the rooftops and windows of whitewashed houses on the islands and much more.

Traditional Festivals of Greece: Panagiri

The traditional festivals of Greece are defined by traditional song, dance and food. At this open-air community party, everyone is invited to take part and enjoy.

Private Greek Island Getaway

A visit to any Greek island is one of the top travel experiences I recommend.  This time I was about to embark on a holiday on a private Greek island. It proved to be a setting that combined luxury, authenticity and Greece’s unique island beauty.  


Dear Traveler, We hope your summer has gotten off to a great start and that you are as excited as we are about the experiences that await you this July! Athens is one of the most up-and-coming European city breaks to experience and in our Summer in Attica Issue we present you with all the reasons why