Reconnecting issue

Dear Traveler,

We hope that your summer has been magical so far and filled with rich experiences. The beauty of travel is that it is almost always unexpected, in the sense that the most inspiring, personal, funny and human stories happen on the road. These stories make up our memories for years to come.

With that in mind we have been thinking a lot about storytelling and how each story gets told. Ancient Greeks where excellent storytellers and their myths live on until this day.  In our “Reconnecting” Issue we focus on sharing experiences that will hopefully inspire you to reconnect on many different levels.

From reconnecting with natural raw materials on a private island gastronomic retreat to reconnecting with nature through Greece’s remarkable shades of blue, the importance of reconnecting with Greek traditions and finally reconnecting with folk art through fashion.

Are you ready to discover the unexpected riches and revelations in this beautiful country called Greece? Let’s make epic memories!