Hidden Destination: Spotlight on Meteora

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Meteora has often been referred to as the spiritual wonder of Greece. Others describe it as being the most miraculous landscape in the region of Thessaly. It is both and that makes it a unique destination to discover.


Spotlight on Meteora 

In Greek, the word meteora means suspended in the air. Here, when one stands among these monasteries built on soaring rock formations — it seems like another world.


Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site both for its geological importance and its cultural heritage. Evidence about the miraculous nature’s creations is yet to be found. Geologists consider this place to be a geological phenomenon — as some of the rock formations reach 400 meters towards the sky. Whether you are a history buff, an adventure fanatic or a spiritual seeker, the experience of visiting Meteora is highly rewarding.

The Holy Monasteries of Meteora 

Meteora is home to some of the holiest Greek Orthodox monasteries which were built from as early as the 11th century. Out of the two dozen which once dominated the landscape, six are still in operation.  Two of them are nunneries.


The monasteries are all exceptionally well preserved, and besides unveiling the captivating vista views, they portray the feeling of entering a museum. The walls of the monasteries are decorated with religious treasures and overwhelming collections, graciously blending in the past and the present lives of the generations of its founders and the monks who reside there today.


The Great Meteoron Monastery, the biggest and oldest, was founded by Saint Athanasios the Meteorite. It boasts a breathtaking view from the Platys Lithos (Broad Rock), which rises over 615 meters above sea level. The natural setting of Meteora is lush with fragrant  historic paths and wooded trails that connect each monastery — a unique hiking experience.

Meteora at Sunset 

In Meteora, the whole world stops at sunset. On days when there is exceptional clarity in the atmosphere, the sky’s color palette is beyond inspiring. Several hilltops face out to panoramic views of the surrounding mythical landscape.


Would you like to turn your holidays in Greece from memorable to unforgettable? Then you must definitely explore the majestic landscape of Meteora, one of the most unique destinations in the world for its history and its beauty.