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Even as the calendar announces the approach of autumn, there’s still plenty of summer left to be had in Greece. A trip to Attica can provide an ideal last moment summer escape.

Attica, the region around Greece’s glorious capital city, has every type of diversion one could desire. Whether it’s history and ancient archaeology you seek, a contemporary culture fix, excellent nightlife and world-class dining, a glamorous sea-side experience complete with luxury accommodations, or gorgeous blue-flag beaches, Attica has it all.

Because of the wealth of options on the Attica Peninsula, proximity, and the convenience of the area, you don’t need to choose what kind of summer escape you want. You can combine them all: luxury beach holiday, nature, culture, sight-seeing, and world-class dining and nightlife.

Last Moment Summer Escape: Attica 

Exploring The Southern tip of the Attica Peninsula

It’s hard to believe we are so close to the metropolis of Athens as we pass through a quiet and rocky landscape with sweeping views of the Aegean. The southern part of the Attica peninsula is the place to come for both world-class archaeology and a charmingly authentic port town.

Visit the majestic Cape Sounion

It’s hard to believe that this Sounion is so close to Athens. This world-class destination, towering dramatically on its cliff over the Aegean, feels like the very edge of the known world. Pristine and peaceful, the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is a world-class archaeological site. A temple of such elegance, it has drawn centuries of visitors to gaze at it in awe. Some of them – including Lord Byron – even carved their names and initials into the temple. Today, the temple is well guarded, and well-visited. But this is one place to enjoy with fellow sight-seers. The sunset of Sounion is so gorgeous that it’s greeted with applause. 

Sounion is a place to enjoy the famous intense purity of the light of Attica- truly a life-experience in itself.

Discover the Secrets of Lavrion

Lavrion was a site of wealth in the ancient world. Great silver mines were here, and it was these mines that helped finance the great monuments of the Golden Age of Athens, like the Parthenon.

Island of Kea

This port town on the Attica peninsula’s eastern side has undergone quite a renaissance. This has long been the place for Athenians in the know to come for a casual seafood meal of superb quality. In the last few years, this has become a major harbor for passenger ferries – the island of Kea is directly across from Lavrion – and this has really revitalized the community. 

The Athenian Riviera Experience 


Closer to Athens, the coast of the Attica peninsula becomes quite glamorous, while remaining every bit as beautiful. The Athenian Riviera provides a beguiling combination of natural beauty and cosmopolitan luxury. One needn’t travel to the islands for a world-class beach. Many beaches of the Athens Riviera are designated Blue-Flag beaches- the highest standard for quality waters and a clean, well-maintained beach. Many beaches offer elegant service, for a premium beach experience. A selection of exclusive, luxury beachfront accommodations and some world-class dining options ensure you’ll enjoy your holiday in style.

The Glamour of Athens

In Attica, you can have an elegant beach holiday with a sophisticated urban touch. Central Athens, so easily accessible, provides cultural destinations for every taste. 

Classical Athens

In addition to the Parthenon and the Ancient Agora, the treasures of Classical Athens are many. Visit the arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Zeus, or the excavation at Kerameikos for a less-crowded and more leisurely excursion. There is also the excellent Acropolis Museum, and the Archaeological Museum. 

Neoclassical Athens

The history of Classical Athens was a tremendous inspiration for European architects of the 19th century. This glorious Neoclassical heritage of Athens is on display at some excellent monuments in the center of the city. The Zappeion, by architect Theophil Hansen, was constructed in conjunction with the revival of the Olympic games- the Kallimarmaro stadium is close to here. Another great monument includes the Numismatic Museum, once the mansion of the architect Heinrich Schliemann, designed by Ernst Ziller. The loveliest display of neoclassicism is surely the Athenian Trilogy- the name given to the Academy, the Library, and the University of Athens, the first two designed by Theophil Hansen and the University designed by Hans Christian Hansen.

Contemporary Art in Athens

Athens is also awash in contemporary culture. At the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, you can see the works of internationally known artists from all over the world and from Greece. There is also a section for video art.

The Cycladic Museum often hosts exhibitions of contemporary artists, often responding to or inspired by Cycladic art. Recent exhibitions include Ai Wei Wei and Cy Twombly.

At 138 Piraeus, one of the Benaki Museum, see periodic contemporary exhibitions in a vibrant space.

Enjoy World-class Performances

The Cultural Season is Athens is still in full swing. Exciting outdoor venues, among them the Ancient Herodion, host performers from all over the world, from classical and opera to popular contemporary music.

Sartorial Culture

Athens also has plenty of wearable art. This is a mecca for exciting designers. You may find that a session of shopping therapy can be a creative activity, too. 

Culinary Culture

Athens’ fine dining scene is vibrant and creative. Enjoy inventive cuisine and imaginative cocktails at some of Athens’ finest restaurants. Try modern cuisine with an ancient view- at a rooftop restaurant with a view of the Parthenon, for instance.

A Last-Moment Summer Escape in Attica

Between the natural splendor, cultural wealth, and world-class hospitality, Attica is a destination where you can truly have it all. Attica makes and ideal spontaneous break to enjoy a taste of the Greek summer, however you like it.